January 13, 2009

Just a quick hello.

I have been diligently working on my computer today and haven't had time to post something new today, yet. Just finished posting a wedding on my photog blog, great pics, and my favorite bouquet toss pic...flowers ripped in half, cocktails flying, all sorts of crazy looks on the faces of those watching. Click over if you want to see it, the link is on my sidebar under Marcelain Photography Blog.

Once a month there is a wonderful program at City Lights in downtown Abilene called Rockin' Moms. I love to go and help out where ever I can. I normally fill ice cups and I like to sit at the sign in desk so I can try and talk to all the ladies as they come in. Tonight there was one of the most powerful testimonies about the power of God's healing a broken body, mind and spirit that I have ever heard. I am grateful to this program that brings women together to hear about the power of God.

Rob is loving his new job at D.R.I. (Disability Resources Inc.). It is so nice to see him in the mornings before he goes to work. Unlike his previous job where he would have been at work hours before my alarm clock went off. I am thankful for the family time in the morning.

Well it is now 8 minutes past my bed time. Just wanted to check in and say a big hello.


Michelle said...

Glad our Movie Star likes his new job and that you get to see him more.