January 05, 2009

Hiding Place Book Review of the first 50 pages.

Monday morning. Schedules return, alarm clocks, the school bus is the familiar morning sound. The kids are all at school today, even though the weather is quite treacherous. I woke up TOO early this morning so I have already spent time working on the computer, but before that I spent some time in a new book.
The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. Started reading this morning at about 3 when I came to the conclusion sleep was illusive. I had gone to bed a bit early, so I had a good 6 hours under my belt.
I have already cried twice while reading the book. Although the tragedies are starting to show up in the book, the tears were not for tragedy but for thankfulness that God made such kind and tenderhearted people. Corrie Ten Boom lived with her family, which included brother, sisters, mom, dad, aunts, and 11 foster children. Because of Corrie's family's kindness many Jews showed up on their doorstep for help when the Germans had invaded Holland where they lived. Corrie's family were lovers of Christ, and loved all of His children.
The faith, generosity of spirit and of tangibles, along with spreading the love of Jesus, and loving all those around them are inspirational.

Books like this affect me so much. I love reading about the great men and women of faith, and learning about the great things they did because God directed their lives and they followed His path. It somehow makes me think it is possible for me to be kinder, more generous, more aware of all of God's children. I am about 1/4 through the book and I already can't wait to go back and start highlighting quotes that I can share with you.

This book is not preachy at all, even though the book shines the faith of the people it is written about, it is not a "religious" book. Just like Same Kind Of Different, a great story about authentic people living an authentic life who are Christians. Does that make sense?

There was a beautiful story when Corrie had fallen in love with a man who would end up marrying someone with more money. Corrie was devestated and after learning about this she went up to her room and cried on her bed. Her father came in and rather than tell her that God would find someone else for her, or speak ill of the man, he told her to pray to God and ask Him for His love for this man and his future wife. She asked God to take her broken heart and take away all the ill feelings and replace it with His love. God was faithful to sweet Corrie and she was able to think upon that man and his wife with good feelings with time.

I can't recommend this book enough.
It will be in my top 3 favorite books, Same Kind Of Different As Me, The Shack, and now Hiding Place.


Melene said...

I love The Hiding Place, too. So much. There are parts of that book that will always stay with me. My 12 year old just read it as well.

Happy New Year!

Susan said...

Hey Tammy,

Just checking in to say hi, wish you a Happy New Year and see how Jack was doing!

What a great post. I would have to say Corrie Ten Boom is among the greatest heroines of my life!

I've read that book several times, and watched the movie too.

When ever I need an attitude check, I pick that book up!

One of the neatest trips we took was to Holland. The first place we visited was the Ten Boom Watch Shop. The family still runs it! Can you imagine? They took us on a tour and told the story to us like it was yesterday. An expericence I'll treasure forever.

Sorry to ramble on so long!

Blessings to you my friend♥