January 24, 2009

Dinner, Zoe, Girls Nite Out

I think this
is what we are having for dinner tonight. Perfect for a very cold and windy day.

*Update* did make this for dinner and it was delicious but definately TMO (Too much onion) I should have known to cut back on the onion, calls for a whole onion. I bought a small one thinking that it would work. Not so. Should have put in 1/4 of an onion and that would have been plenty for my family with picky kids.

Who has gone to a Zoe Conference?
March 6-8 Monterrey Church in Lubbock is hosting. Now that my husband doesn't have to work every Saturday, this is a possibility for us. The tag line is "Can we really be expected to live with out fear? " Romans 8:15
I say with God on our side, who can be against us....this is a topic I want to go deeper into. The empowerment from God and his indwelling spirit to be free from fear is something I have experienced to a great degree over the last couple of years regarding Jack's illness. I want more of this.


My fingers are not working well as they are uber-cold right now. Girls Nite Out last night, sleepover at Journey's Inn, came home to an empty house as Rob was on call this weekend and needed to be at work. Kids over at Mommer's house. And the thermostat read 59 degrees. I had turned it off yesterday as it was like 80 degrees in the house, no heat necessary, yesterday that is. Today, give me heat, hot tea and a warm blanky.


Girls Sleepover - Major Hit. Several of my peeps and I hung out over at Journey's Inn for the night. I brought Sezchuan for dinner for us all, Denise hit it out of the ball park with Sushi for all and add to that popcorn, home made salsa, chips, chocolate...a to go box of Starbucks Coffee and some incredibly rich chocolate cupcakes also from Starbucks...good call Robyn, many, many, laughs and fun movies to watch, 2 Games of Apples to Apples where Robin S. was victorious each time...so fun. The breakfast was amazing that is supplied by the Inn, home made individual quiche, the best mini muffins I have EVER tasted, scones, juice, fresh strawberries and blueberries...and more coffee. It was totally fun. I always keep Journey's Inn link on my sidebar, so if you ever want a special night out with your husband, a fun place to have girls nite out, or out of town company that want a great experience at a B & B, be sure and click on over. Susan and Cheryl who own the inn are totally fun and make the experience one you wont forget.

I am going to take my hubby there soon, and I can't wait!!


Couple of days have passed now since our new President took office. They sure are a beautiful family. I will look forward to all the pics and interest stories of family life in the White House.

Peace Out!


Susan said...

Last night was the first night I actually joined our guests for some fun. It was a blast!

If a group goes to Zoe, I might like to go! Sounds like something I'd like to explore.

By the way, we'll be running a February special.

Sarah said...

Several of us from Southern Hills went to a Zoe Conference last summer in Arlington. All I have heard is "amazing" "awesome" "don't miss"....

It was valuable, but I didn't quite have the amazing experience many others seem to have. I think my favorite part was simply learning the new Zoe music, which is possible to do from one of their new CD's. I would be happy to tell you more about my experience. I'm not planning to go, but I do love their theme "Fearless"!