January 08, 2009

Panoramic Pic Examples - So FUN

Tonight was Artwalk in Downtown Abilene. The weather was spectacular so there was a decent crowd of people walking through. Alot of friends and familiar faces were in the gallery tonight so I stayed pretty busy shooting the breeze. I did have some time today to play with my new apps on my phone. I tried to upload a couple of the pics I took with Pano but due to the weird size I guess blogger wont upload them. So I uploaded them to my mobileme account for you to see.

There is one picture of my front room in my gallery. I am sitting at one end of the table and shooting around the room. This is six images stitched together.

Then I went to my friend T.M. Gand's studio. She is one of my most favorite artists and the painter of my beautifully commissioned image called "The Light" which I blogged about earlier. Anyway her studio is vibrant and full of color. There are two shots from her studio, the front area where she shows her work and then the back half where she paints. I LOVE the color in her images. Both of those images are 6 pics stitched together.

Click here to see the Pano pics. They will originally show up a bit small, but just double click on them and they will enlarge so you can see more detail.