July 19, 2007

The 5 Marcelains are Home

Well we are home! All 5 of us. Derek is home from camp and Jack and I returned from Dallas. I have all of my family under the same roof again.
Jack's MRI ended up being later than the scheduled time. We got out of the hospital about 7pm tonight and made it home at about 10:30pm. So Derek and Sophie were fast asleep when we walked in the door. Jack did amazing again for his MRI. Every time he has an MRI you can see the scepticism in the radiology tech's eyes, they are nice about it don't get me wrong, but they are thinking they will have to rescan or deal with a moving kid when they are not sedated. After all how many kids can stay perfectly still for 45 minutes, not moving to scratch an itch or stretch even. When Jack finishes his MRI's the tech's are always amazed at his ability to be still. Today the tech was a man about 45 years old. Jack ended up being stuck 4 times before they got a vein that worked or didn't blow. Never once did Jack complain or cry. The tech said, I have never seen a child be this still, or this polite, or not put up a fight when he has to get stuck more than once. I thought he (the tech) might cry. I know I was at that point. Tears were streaming down my face. The tech asked Jack if he wanted a toy from the toy box. Jack ofcourse loved that idea and started exploring the toys. The tech then said, "Why don't you take two, you were so good." Jack just picked one toy, he said that was enough. The tech walked us out, I thought he was going to hug Jack, but he said to please come back and see him. Jack blesses everyone who meets him.
We will find out tomorrow afternoon the results of the MRI. Jack's neurosurgeon thought he looked good in his office exam today. He is noticing suttle changes in his face. If all goes well with the MRI it will be a month before we go back again. Thanks for your prayers.


Jan & Tom said...

So glad you're all home again.

We're so proud of Jack and marvel at how well he behaves when being stuck, poked, prodded and MRI'd!!!

We love all of you...
and wait for the report, praying!

Jan & Tom

Nic and Vanessa said...


We are continuing to pray for Jack. What a brave little guy! He is an example to us all. I certainly could not sit still in an MRI, nor do I do too well being stuck and poked by needles. Be proud of the wonderful children you have raised. You and Rob are awesome!