July 23, 2007


I got some results today, late afternoon on Jack's MRI. There is no growth on the tumor, which is consistant with the last several MRI's and the swelling looks like it is still subsiding, so Jack's steroid dosages are being cut into half. Good news.
I went out for a girls nite out tonight, we ate at Johnny Carino's and then went and saw Hairspray. We laughed. Denise sang her way through the movie and it was a movie that made you want to sing and clap right along with it. It was rated PG but I thought it would be too racey to take Sophie to. Wouldn't recommend it for kiddo's.

I took bridal portraits on Friday night. I love taking bridal portraits. It is a very special time to take a portrait. There are times when everything comes together to make a spectacular shoot, the bride, the dress, the amazing storms that seemed to be going on everywhere which made amazing cloud formations in the sky. The lighting was as close to perfect as it could have been, the breeze kept it a bit cooler than a typical July and kept the bugs away for the most part. I am so grateful to the Lord for allowing me to be in the business I am in. I love what I do. To see these beautiful portraits click here. click here


Jan & Tom said...

PTL for the good news about Jack!!

Sounds like you and the "girls" had a wonderful night out.

Those bridal portraits are amazing. Great job.


Scott F said...

Great news about Jack's test! No growth! Decreased swelling and less drugs that cause swelling! Go God!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for Jack's test results!

Your bridal potraits are as beautiful as the words you write.
What beautiful talents God has blessed you with!

Lois P

Troy M. Stirman said...


So glad you continue to get great news about Jack's progress. Our God- He is alive!


Sheila said...

Oooh, those photos are beautiful! It must be a wonderful job to do, wedding photography!

Nic and Vanessa said...

Thanks for the updates!

YES, you guys name the day and time that works for you for dinner and we will make it work! We leave on August 11th for Hawaii and will be gone for two weeks, so let's do it before then if possible!