July 20, 2007

No word yet, Harry Potter is being released in one minute.

It is 11:59pm. Harry Potter will be released in one minute. I am processing images from a sitting tonight and am just about done. I am about to wake up Jack and draw a lightning bolt on his forehead, he will put on his Harry Potter glasses and we will be off to the store to pick up our pre-bought copies of the book. Talk about exciting!

No word from the doctor regarding Jack's MRI yesterday. I bet we will hear Monday. Jack and Sophie go to camp on Monday to ACU. It is a day camp called Kid Quest. This will be their 2nd year and they are totally excited. I appreciate the camp as they are willing to help with Jack and his physical difficulties right now. When I signed Jack up several months ago his vision was perfect and agility fine. Now we are dealing with some challenges that could have kept him from camp for his well being, but ACU has worked out to have a buddy with him all day to help him along with his day. I am so grateful because Jack is so looking forward to it. We went to ACU to bowl today. Jack wasn't sure he could hold onto a bowling ball right now, but he did great with the lighter ball. So he will feel more confidant next week when he bowls at camp. They will swim and play and sing... along with bible study and crafts. Singing is high on Sophie's list and low on Jack's. Jack once told me that heaven didn't sound very fun to him because all you do is sing up there. I told my Nana he said that and she said that there were plenty of lakes to fish in and he could just join her because she would rather fish than sing. If I know my Nana she is singing praises to the Lord while realing in a huge catfish right now. All that said, Jack is not a lover of singing. He likes to listen to music, his favorite right now is the Beach Boys.

Well it is time to wake up my little Harry Potter fan.


Nic and Vanessa said...

Nic and I actually went to one of the bookstores tonight for the book release. We haven't read any of the books yet, but two of our friends have and asked us to go. I decided to take some pictures when we got there of the CRAZINESS! Hopefully it was easy for you guys to get in and get out. Wow!

Ben Berry said...

It was absolutely fantastic meeting you in Alabama. We had a grrrreat time with you taking pictures - no wonder that Nic and Vanessa asked you to be their picture pal! I'll probably be seeing you again sometime this year, as I'm moving to Abilene in December!
Anyway, hope you got the HP book! I just watched the 5th movie last night with some friends here. It was COOL!
p.s. the back is a little better...it's just being a bugger as not healing as fast as I want it to!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that Jack's musical tastes include "The Boys"!! (At least he will be exposed to some REAL harmony- not the trash that is playing on the radio these days.)