July 03, 2007


The video is amazing. I don't know about you but I need me some Toms Shoes. Giving is the greatest joy.


Jan said...

Great video...thanks for sharing Tammy. Have a blessed day...and say hi to Jack and the rest of your family for Tom and me..and let them know we're praying!!


PS...I posted your blog post from Sunday on my blog...there are many praying for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Tammy. Just wanted to remind you how I love reading your blog. It always lifts my spirits to hear the sweet thoughts of your heart.

I have a favor to ask you...can you send me Rob's email address? Mine is lxo03b@acu.edu. I'm trying to find a time he's available next week to teach some youth group kids skits for velocity. I really appreciate it!

Lauren Oglesby

Denise W said...

Ugly shoes - Beautiful Mission

Reminds me of Bono.....

Tammy M. said...

Denise - I would have to say that the style of shoes is a bit more my style than yours. I love that earthy, casual look.

Bono? Bono, who...?

I have several favorite people who have walked the earth in this century...
Mother Teresa and Bono. What can I say, I'm a sucker for people who take care of people who can not take care of themselves.