July 04, 2007

Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July!!!!
One of my favorite things about the 4th is watching Wimbledon on TV. Those Williams' Sisters are amazing. They are so strong, I love to watch them play. The announcers have been a bit spiteful while talking about them and their families, and as I don't follow the tennis stuff like I used to it could be earned criticism, but I still like them. They have personality and their families have personality in what seems like a sport that has had few and far between personalities that stick out in the crowd of white tennis outfits.

Rob and Jack just drove off to head to Dallas. Jack has his MRI at 7:30am, July 5th. Then his neurosurgery appt. at 10 am. I couldn't go this time because I am shooting a wedding on the Gulf Shores of Alabama. I fly out tomorrow morning and will be in the air during all of Jack's appts. Please keep Jack and Rob in your prayers for a safe trip there and home. There is room at the Ronald McDonald House which is a good thing, so they will be in familiar surroundings.

Derek, Sophie and I will have a fun time today then church is having an ice cream and cookie social tonight.

I wont be able to blog until Saturday night or Sunday, so I will let you know how Jack's appts go at that time. Please pray for his continued healing.


Linda said...

Praying.....Linda L.

Jan and Tom said...

We're praying. Be safe and rest in the security that the Lord has everything in control...Jan & Tom