July 10, 2007

Checking In

Tuesday morning. Jack is doing pretty well these days. Our house is anticipating the release of the Order of the Phoenix tomorrow in theatres.
The next couple of weeks the kids have camp, Derek's is next week then the twins the following week. They are all excited about that.
We went to the pool yesterday and it was glorious.
Nothing major, but I just wanted to check in and give a quick report on Jack.

You can click here to see a slideshow of pictures from the wedding in Alabama. It was an awesome trip.


Jan & Tom said...

AWESOME and Praise God!!! So good to hear about Jack...and how he's doing. I'll let all my friends know.

Tell all the kids to have a great time at camp.

How was the wedding you shot over the weekend?


Jan & Tom

Anonymous said...

Hope you posted the LINK to the Wedding pix AFTER I left the previous post...or my eyes are going.............LOL!!!

Great pix, Tammy!!! I love all the candid shots...they make the couple and their friends look more relaxed...more themselves. You do a great job.

Where were you when I had my own Bridal Business (back about 10 years ago)...I had 1 photographer who was really good at what she did...but not available alot because of it!!! LOL!!! Such problems!!!

Love y'all...


Sharon said...

Tammy, you have a real gift for capturing the emotion of the occasion, whatever it may be. I am NOT in any hurry for my daughter (19) to marry, but when she does, we will be calling you!!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful photography with us.
Glad to hear the good news about Jack. Still praying.

Sharon Winkler (Garland, TX)

Gail said...

Tammy, I am sitting here bawling as I watched Nic and Vanessa marry. You truly captured their love for each other and their friends. I wish we had been able to go and see this for ourselves, but you captured it beautifully. I'm sure you had a great time and so very glad they picked you.
Lynn and I feel blessed to know you and your family through these Christian thoughts.

judy said...

WOW! Good job. I'm impressed.

Lisa said...

Loved the wedding pictures, Tammy! What a great setting too. I think I might want to get married again (to the same man - and after I lose 50 pounds), just so you can take our wedding pictures. ;)

Amy said...

Those are beautiful pictures. I hope you travel to shoot weddings of people you don't know! I am sure you will be getting calls from Tennessee. :)