July 11, 2007

What goodness that surrounds us.

Hello. We have been counting down the days and now we are counting down the hours until we go see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. 3pm today we will be at the theatre.

Jack is doing well, he asked yesterday when his chubby cheeks would go away. I just told him once he gets off the steroids things would go back to normal, although it will take a bit of time. I love his cheeks whether they are chubby or not. He is such a trooper.

Jack continues with the E-Stim at physical therapy. This is a machine that is connected to electrodes that are attached to his face on the side that is not working, and the electrodes deliver impulses that make the muscles work involuntarily with each pulse. The physical therapist will finalize where the electrodes need to be attached, then they will loan us a unit for me to do daily treatments with Jack at home. I am anticipating daily treatments I think they will help alot.

Sunday night Jack was at Friends Adventure and one of the activities was blowing bubbles. Rob asked Jack how that went, and he said "pretty good, considering only half my face works. "

I continue to be hopeful that this trial is on the downside and before we know it we will have some time behind us and we will be hearing the news that the gamma knife radiation did it's job and it killed off the tumor. But each day between now and then we will cherish like no other, for we never know what tomorrow will bring.

God has been SO faithful to us, through his peace and comfort through His Spirit, and through all of our friends and family that minister to us each and every day. What goodness that surrounds us.