July 01, 2007

I am blessed by you.

Sunday afternoon the sun is SHINING. We are going on a half a day of sunshine in Abilene. Not normally blogworthy but in June and no sun for over a week has us loving the sun. Many of our friends live in the flood zone and so we are glad for them when the rain stops short of flooding. The green grass is lovely and the tree's are in bloom.

Jack is doing well, still reserved, still not really looking people in the eye, but he is doing. He has done and said several things that have made me weepy. He is settling into his new normal. He is never weepy mind you, and that is what makes me weepy. He is strong and brave and has the resolve of a hero. God has made quite an amazing young man.

Today I am counting a couple of my blessings.
1. I have a wonderful supportive husband who loves God and his family to the utmost.
2. I have 3 wonderful children who consistantly obey and are kind and show love to others.
3. I have a church family who daily lifts our family to God in prayer.
4. I have friends who stick with our family even when it is really hard to deal with all that is going on. It hurts to be close to people who are suffering. You know who your real friends are when they cry with you, rejoice with you, and point you to heaven.
5. I am grateful for each moment and every ounce of love in my family.
6. Most of all I am grateful that no matter how sad or lamenting I might feel that I can stand in the promise of Jesus. That someday He will call me home and I pray that I have done and said and felt things that have made him grateful for me.

On my hardest days I can take this list above and it brings me to my knee's in thankfulness.

I am thankful for you. For the friends that see us through. For our friends that we have not met that read this blog and have taken Jack into their hearts to be comforters and encouragers through prayer on his behalf.

Twice this week two different people told me that they were talking with people that crossed their path and Jack came up. They don't know us but they read the blog to follow Jack and his journey. These people pray for Jack and I am blessed by their caring hearts. They love my child and send his name up to heaven in prayer.

I am blessed by you.


Sarah said...

Thank you, Lord, for the SUN!! Yes, a rare praise for June in West Texas -- wait, I guess it's JULY already, isn't it???

For as much as your family's faith has blessed all of us through your journey, I am glad you are able to find some blessing in the people around you. Praying that you continue to be blessed and encouraged by others...

Trish said...

Tammy ~ although you and I have never met, I have been blessed by reading your blog.

Also, I want to let you know your blog has been nominated to display The Fruit of the Spirit graphic. Please email me and I'll be glad to give you more information.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Denise W said...

And I'm so blessed by you!! We all love your family and your sweet Jack....

We'll be praying over here that the "new normal" will become just that - normal.