July 19, 2007

Dallas today.

Quick post to let you know that Jack and I are headed to Dallas today. He has an appt. with his neurosurgeon at 1pm then an MRI at 4pm. We will head home after all is complete. We wont hear anything back today from the MRI. I am hoping that Jack's Neurosurgeon will call us tomorrow, he is in surgery all day so I am not sure how that will work.
Dr. W. will be examining Jack today mainly focusing on the reduced amount of steroids he has been on in the last two weeks to see if they are working adequately.
Rob and Sophie go pick up Derek from camp this evening, and we should all get home about the same time.
Please keep us all in your prayers for safe driving and for me to stay alert on the roads.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for always reminding me to live in the present. I miss so many of those "special moments" you so often write about your children because I am caught up in other time zones!
You are an incredible mentor for me!