July 12, 2007

Garage Sale Overwhelmed

We are overwhelmed. Our church, Southern Hills Church of Christ, in Abilene, is having a garage sale to help us with expenses that go along with Jack's medical needs, all of our Dallas Hospital trips, everything. Barbara Tatom from our church called me about a month or so ago and asked if we would agree to the church having a sale in the gym and the proceeds would go to our family. Truly, I was hesitant, as Rob says, our church has got to be getting tired of us by now. People have been so generous to our family and have carried us through this journey with Jack. But I said yes after Barbara said she had already talked to several people and o.k.'d it through the elders.
Tonight I walked into the gym and I could NOT believe what I saw. The gymnasium and several classrooms are filled with goods for the garage sale. There were a dozen worker bee's running around with the task at hand, to get everything priced and put in the appropriate place. I went to help, but ended up just crying. I would get my focus and turn around and someone else would be bringing something in or wishing us well and I never even got to price one thing. Rob and I are truly humbled by the family at our church that surrounds us. We just don't even know where to begin to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you Barbara and Neil for being the detail people behind the sale, thank you to the people of our church who have donated, and thank you to the people of other churches that were bringing goods in tonight, and a church in Brownwood that is bringing goods in to Abilene tomorrow. Our words are not enough to explain the overflowing in our hearts or the tears that streak our cheeks for the love that you have shown us. We are truly blessed.

Jack said to me, "I never dreamed the garage sale would be so big!" We didn't either.

People will continue to prepare tomorrow, Friday, and the official sale is on Saturday.

If I could write thank you a hundred times it still wouldn't be enough. May God bless you for all you do for those who are weary, right now that is us, but your love lifts us. You are Jesus with skin on to our family.


Linda said...

It's one more way for the people of your church to show their love. What a testimony for your family! Here's praying for a huge success. Blessings, Linda L.

Sarah said...

Girl, if cleansing my family of our junk blesses YOUR family -- well, we both win!

How could we ever tire of you? We're your FAMILY -- you have all blessed us many times over. And, as my friend Tammy told me -- if you deny us doing this, you deny us serving the Lord!

Yay! for garage sales that cleanse us of our clutter!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Sarah! It definitely benefits us, too, getting rid of some of our junk. Several people have already experienced "ones man junk is another man's treasure", too! And just so you don't forget, Tammy, we have seen Jesus many times during this "journey" in you and your family. The way you all are demonstrating Jesus just amazes me. We will be praying for a hugh garage sale success, too!

Anonymous said...


I have been thinking of you so much this past week. I am finally scrapbooking those 2004 Zellner Chick Photos you took of us. What a blessing that was.

Jack and your family are in my prayers.

Having wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord sustains us in all of our circumstances. God be with you.