July 15, 2007

Camp Velocity

The garage sale was a thrilling success. Thanks to all the people of our church and community that blessed our family through this experience. Thanks to Barbara and Neil for all of their hard work and servant hearts. We are truly humbled by the friends and family we have that surround us.

We took Derek to Camp Velocity today at Lake Brownwood. It is about an hour drive from Abilene. It is a beautiful area and I know that this will be an exciting week for Derek. Tons of fun swimming in the lake, spending time with new and old friends, and best of all continuing to develop a relationship with Jesus that is his own.

I took some pictures of the camp and Derek checking in and setting up his bunk in his room that he shares with about 12 other boys and 2 counselors. He was totally embarassed of me, and the rest of our family. There were just so many other boys hanging around that we were definately cramping his style. So we left camp with a "Hey, have a good time." No hugs or kisses, that was definately out of the question. Had I known that, I would have smothered him with hugs and kisses before we left home, live and learn I guess. I did get a cute picture of Jack and Sophie who were willing to look into the camera without grimaces. You will see that Jack has puffed up from the steroids.

You can tell that Derek was basically trying to ignore me in all of the pictures. I didn't take it personally. Just a sign that my sweet boy is growing up. I did stay with the course, as George Sr. says, and continued my picture taking. I would not be hindered. I am not a major picture taker of my kids believe it or not. Partly because I like to live the moment and not be on the outside of it with a camera, but mainly because my kids tired of having a camera in their faces there first 5 years. But sometimes it is absolutely necessary to record an event, and I make no excuses. If I take the time to get my camera set up, loaded and fresh batteries there will be pictures.

Jack and I go to Dallas this Thursday for his next neurosurgical exam and another MRI. Don't know if it will be a day trip or if we will break it into two days. Jack is voting for the latter. But as I will not have seen Derek for 5 days and he will be home Thursday night I just can't stand to be away from him when he gets home to hear about camp. We will see.

On the way home we stopped at the farmer's market in Cross Plains. I bought these Rainer Cherries. They looked so yummy I had to take a picture of them. They are definately smiling and glad I took their pictures.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Jack.


Amy said...

I hope Derek has a great week at camp!

Tammy, I was wondering what the name of the song is on Vanessa's slide show? I love that music and keep singing it. :)

Denise W said...

When did these boys grow up? I got to hug and kiss mine! And his roommate. Does this mean I can't next year?

Anne Jones said...

Wow! I am glad I have a few more years before I am dropping Natalie off for a week away at camp...though sometimes I think a day or two would be okay :)

I saw Rob and Jack out this afternoon...they were gearing up for their guys evening of fun! Hope they had a great time hanging out just the two of them!

Donna Ware said...

Tell Derek he looks very cool! Is that the right word these days? Rad, awesome, groovy, keen? Am I showing my age. Anyway, I remember feeling the same way as Derek when my parents dropped me off at camp. I just wanted them to go! But now I am glad I have some of those pictures--so someday Derek will be glad too!

love ya