April 27, 2005

Doctor Report

Okay -- I just got the info and I will try to relay it as clearly as I understand it, which isn't very well.

First -- surgery was 'uneventful' -- which is always good! Jack came through well. Rob and Tammy had already been able to see him for a minute and get him to respond to some things just a little. He's going to be kept sedated through this evening, then has a follow-up MRI in the morning.

The tumor appears to be non-malignant. Of course, this will have to be verified by the pathology report that will take a little more than a week to be returned. All of Jack's symptoms can be due to the pressure from the tumor. Even the vomitting that he was having on a regular basis last fall. There was a slight disappointment in that there were 4 small pieces of the tumor that Dr. Price was not able to get to because they were attached to the brain stem and "Jack was not tolerating her getting to them". The implications for those 4 pieces can be anything from no further problems and ignore them to needing to treat them as if they were a cancerous tumor. It will all depend on Jack's recovery for weeks and months to come. Jack will be going back to that hospital on a regular basis for a while to be monitored for that.

The next 2 sets of 48 hours are fairly critical for Jack and his punkin' head. The first set of 48 hours his brain will have to settle down and recover from the trauma of the surgery. The next set of 48 hours his brain will be adjusting to the lack of pressure from the tumor being gone.

Jack didn't even have to have his whole head shaved -- his incision is covered with a band-aid on the back of his neck. (I'm feeling a little like Gomer Pyle -- Gaaaahhh-leeee -- have brain surgery and get a band-aid?)

For those of you who have been using this blog as your sole source of Marcelain information, I have failed to mention that Tammy got the stomach virus that is cruising around Abilene and had the throw-ups Tuesday night. Then, spent the night sleeping on the waiting room floor of the ICU. Some things sound perfectly normal if you're a mother but otherwise, a little nutty! She said she woke up Wednesday morning feeling about 85% (we concluded 85% was probably as good as it would get sleeping on the waiting room floor!) I only spoke to her briefly before she heard from the Dr. -- Phil Ware (our preacher and friend) went in with Rob and Tammy to hear the Dr. report and he gave me all of the above information. She sounded good, but tired, when I spoke with her.

Specific prayers:
Pray that the next 96 hours of Jack's brain recovery are uneventful and he tolerates all of the recovery well.

Pray that the long-term implications of the pieces of tumor that are left don't interfere with Jack's ability to have a full and normal life.

Pray that Rob and Tammy can get rest and be able to be well. The Dr. really encouraged them to spend the night at the Ronald McDonald House tonight since Jack would be sedated for the rest of the night. Phil got the impression that they were planning to stay at the hospital. Allow me to editorialize and ask you to pray that they go to the Ronald McDonald House and get some real sleep. Today was only the first leg of this marathon. There is much more to wait on and deal with and decide about and I pray that Rob and Tammy will get decent sleep to be ready to begin the next leg of this Grand Adventure.

More Editorializing (It's good to be the editor! :-) Tammy has not had an opportunity to see the blog at all today, but she wept telling me about how much it blessed her yesterday to see this. This has immensely blessed me also. We are using this blessing of technology to let the church be church -- God's people touching and loving and praying for God's people. I think I only know about 70% of the people who have posted comments and only REALLY know about 50% of those, but I love each of you for lifting up our sweet Jack and Rob and Tammy in prayer.

Keep praying! I'll keep posting!


Anonymous said...

GOD BE PRAISED!!! Thank you, Lord, for seeing Jack through his surgery and for guiding the hands of Dr. Price. We pray for a FULL recovery!

Rob, Tammy, and Jack,
We love you all so much and have lifted you up in prayer ALL day...and have checked the blogspot numerous times! Even Ashlynn says "Make Jack's head better", then touches her head. We are so thankful for the good report. You need to get some rest so you can be "fresh and renewed" for Jack. Sorry to hear you've been sick, Tammy. Hope you're much better by now.
God bless you all! Rest...give each other hugs...Praise God! Love you!

Debbie said...

Praise the Lord! That is all I can think of right now! Our prayers will continue for Jack and parents and siblings and family and good friends like you, Sarah, who are so faithful and dependable in times such as this. What a blessing family and church family are! To God be the glory!

Anonymous said...

You are all in our prayers. We love you and know the Lord is with you.
Chuck and Marisue

Anonymous said...

Dear Marcelains,
We are so relieved to hear the surgery is over. So many at church tonight were spreading the news to one another and I was blessed to meet Tamara and her precious children. Isn't God good to provide a way for DJ and Sophie to live as normal a life as possible during these stressful days. It must bring you comfort to know they can enjoy their own beds at night and continue their routine. Ashley has been giving Sophie lots of hugs!

We will continue to pray for all of you and for a full recovery for Jack.
Shellie Smyser

the Jennings' said...

Thank God for his love and power and answered prayers! We will continue to pray for all of you - for healing, for rest, and for endurance! Thank you God!
Shane, M.C., Morgan and Zach

Lisa Carroll said...

This blog thang is SO handy! Thanks, Sarah, for keeping us informed.
What a relief that this part is over. Rob, Tammy, Elaine, and Tom - I am praying for your stamina, as well as Jack's quick recovery.
You will be happy to know that Sophie was enjoying her friends tonight. Tamara is doing a great job!
Donnie will be seeing you tomorrow, and I am trying to swing it so that I can join him. We love you guys!
the Carrolls

Anonymous said...

Thank you, God! We praise you in your compassion upon us. Please cradle Jack in your arms and bless him with a full and beautiful recovery. Bless Tammy & Rob with peace and rest and good health. Keep Sophie & DJ safe & healthy. Thank you God. Thank you. We love you.Amen

We are praying, hoping, & praising God! We love you!Hug Jack for us!
David, Karise, Keely & Kinlie

Anonymous said...

God is truly amazing. The blog is so helpful, thanks Sarah!

Hugs and Prayers!

Kristen Saltsman

Anonymous said...

We are all praying for you here and think about you alot. After HIP some of the men and their families went to Room 111 and prayed for Jack, Rob and Tammy. God is in control and has already written this, we will keep all of you in our prayers.

Phil and Micki

Anonymous said...


Sweet Jack has occupied our thoughts all day. Our prayer is for Jack's healing and for you to feel God's loving, comforting, supporting arms wrapped around you. You have certainly wrapped your loving arms around so many during their times of need.

The Forehands -- Gary, Jeannie, Cassidy, Jackson

Anonymous said...

Tammy, Rob and family-
We are joining with the masses who are lifting you all up in our prayers. Praise God!! for the surgery going so well, and for the wisdom and guidance of Dr. Price!
We pray for your physical strength (get some sleep), and your emotional strength. We pray for the healing of Jack by the touch of the Dr.'s hands through the miraculous touch of God.
Lois and Leroy Perkins

Anonymous said...

We are so thankful for His faithfulness. We love you guys!! Try to get some rest and we will be in touch tomorrow. We pray that all goes perfectly as Jack recovers.

The Upps

Anonymous said...

Tammy and family,

You have all been in my heart and prayers for the last three days. I pray God's healing for Jack as well as HIS peace for you as you walk this journey. Praise God for HE is the Great Physician!

Carole Houston and family

P.S. Thank you, Sarah, for the updates!

Brooke Nichols said...

God is so good! You will continue to be lifted up in prayer by my family. You are in His presence, remain in Him and be strong. May God bless you with a few hours of rest this evening.

In Him-
Brooke Nichols

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! Rob, Tammy and Jack- Know you are in my continual prayers. We are so thankful for the good news and pray for more. We love you! Jeff and Denise Harrell

Pat White said...

Dear sweet Marcelains

I am so glad that this part of your journey is completed. My prayers for you are not finished yet. Jack's picture will be close by me for days to come as a gentle reminder of God's power and glory shown in a little boy named JACK.

Rob, Tammy, Tom and Elaine - - -get some rest. God will provide!

Lord God of all comfort compassion, and healing,

Praise your name for delivering Jack and his sweet family thus far. All of us depend on you, oh God to heal Jack completely so that he may rejoin his family and friends that love him so. Grant Tammy and Rob rest.

Through Christ Jesus our Savior, AMEN

Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD for the "uneventful" surgery. We pray God will put His hands on Jack's brain for healing and on Tammy's and Rob's for rest and peace tonight.

This is our first experience with a blog. It is so great to get news without being a nuisance to anyone. Thanks, Sarah, for your care.

We continue to lift all Marcelains and all the medical team up to the Lord.
Pat and Kathleen Brooks

Anonymous said...

Tammy, Rob and precious Jack,

We have been praying and crying and praying and our prayers have been answered to this point. We still have a ways to go but it is in Gods hands now. We love you and wish we could be there for you.

All our love,
Becky, Christopher and Reagan

Boone Family said...

Thank you Lord for answering our prayers for Jack's surgery! I will continue to pray for a full & quick recovery. Rob & Tammy, get some rest so you can be of sound mind and strength in the days to come. We love you!

James, Teri, Brittany, Ashlee

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! What wonderful news to receive before heading off to bed. I've been checking for updates all day and informing my friends. Jack was prayed for at our church tonight by many. May God grant you all with the strength you need and bless you with peaceful rest.
In Him,
Kari Harris
Belton, Tx

M & K Gililland said...

We praise God for the successful surgery! We will continue to go before the throne in prayer...

Dear Lord, We praise you and thank you for blessing Jack during the surgery. You are good and great and greatly to be praised! You hear our prayers and are merciful to us. Your grace is overwhelming because we don't deserve any of it.
Lord, we press in right now and come before you to and ask for you to continue to touch Jack during this most important time. Please stablize the brain and bring it back to all its normal functions as Jack recovers. Lord, heal it from the trauma of the surgery. Let it adjust perfectly to the extra space now. Lord, we ask Jesus' Name that you would finish the surgery and remove the rest of the tumor and all foreign matter - you can remove it completely and without any trauma because your hand is perfectly precise. We even ask that you remove all that doesn't belong tonight as he sleeps and that the MRI would reveal that it has disappeared. Bless Jack with complete recovery of all his motor skills and functions. Please bless him to recover very quickly and be back to his normal schedule very soon. Please cover him now with your blood and shield him and bless him with good healing sleep.
Lord, please pour out a special portion of strength and endurance for Rob, Tammy, Tom, Elaine, Tamara, and the kids. Bless Rob and Tammy with good, deep sleep tonight and bring physical adn emotional healing to them. Help us all to support them in every way possible.
Thank you for this victory. We thank you in advance for the complete victory in Jack's body. You are the great physician and healer.

In Jesus' Name, Amen

Anonymous said...

Rob,Tammy,DJ,Jack,and Sophie

I have been praying constantly for you guys since the news on monday and will continue to be. Know that your family at Southern Hills cares for you very much and can't wait for yall to come home. Never forget that God works for the good of those who love Him. We love you

Kristen Greenlee

Scott & Sandy Ferguson said...

Hallelujah! What a testimony being created for all of us to share!

Our prayers continue on.

Thanks, Sarah, for the blog.

Anonymous said...

Praise and thanks be to God that things are going so well so far! It's 10:20 and I just got home from High School Life group, giving rides to two teenage girls, then to Wal-Mart for some must have items and I was just crazy to get home and check for "news". (And Sarah, your feet are beautiful for bringing us good news.)

Tammy and Rob,
I know today has been so very long, but I also know you were held up in constant prayer by so many like myself who cannot stop thinking/praying about you, Jack, and your sweet family. Our life group kids were keenly interested and concerned for you tonight and we started our prayer time with prayer for Jack and your family. You can add my parents and family members as well as Kris's parents and family members to the hundreds who are keeping you before God in prayer. We love you and hope you can get some rest and pace yourselves for the next week. Hold on to God's love and promises.

Sarah, Kris, Joseph and Elijah

Anonymous said...

Rob, Tammy, and Jack,
We were pleased to hear the good news. The boys have been praying for Jack every day since we heard about his troubles. We will continue to pray for all of you to keep your strength up and experience good health from now on.
In Christian Love, Tony & Teresa Grisham and the Boys

Kemberlee Henderson said...

Hey Marcelain Family, We continue to pray for you and praise God for attending to your needs. I was blessed with meeting Tamara tonight, she is wonderful. We will continue in our dily prayer until you return home safely.

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you and your family as you enter this time of healing for Jack. May the Lord Bless You and Keep You Always Amen.

Larry, Pam & Trey Whitehead

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that we are praying for you - for so many things: good reports, comfort, peace, rest, a sooner than expected return to Abilene, etc. We will continue to check the blog for updates and will keep praying.
Scott, Gayle, Evan, & Jenna

Anonymous said...

The Brants join w/ so many others who express feelings of joy that this initial procedure has completed and now recovery can begin. Our thoughts have been consistly been w/ you guys as Sarah and so many other contributors offer their voices in one chorus of prayer. I'm am even more profoundly guided by Ally who inists we ask everyone to pray for her friend Jack. May the Lord of Peace and Grace continue to shower his mercies on the Marcelains and those who are directly caring for Jack.

Arthur, Holly, Ally, Samantha, Kase Brant

Keith Nations said...

We will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers. Praise God for the great news so far.

I sat and thought today how hard it is to see a child go through any medical procedure, especially our own children. But then I was reminded that God doesn't give us any more than we can handle. I have experienced that and believe it to be true.

I would like to share a powerful song with you that got me through the toughest time in my life a few years ago. It is Through The Fire by the Crabb Family. Here are the lyrics. Hopefully the words alone can encourage you.

So many times I question certain circumstances
Or things I could not understand
And many times in trials weakness blurs my vision
Then my frustration gets so out of hand
But it's then I am reminded I've never been forsaken
I've never had to stand one test alone
That's when I look at all the victories
And the spirit rises up in me
And it's through the fire my weakness is made strong

He never promised that the cross would not get heavy
And the hill would not be hard to climb
And He never offered victories without fighting
But He said Help would always come in time
Just remember when your standing in the valley of decision
And the adversary says give in
Just hold on, Our Lord will show up
And He will take you through the fire again

Now I know within myself that I would surely perish
Oh but if I trust the mighty Hand of God He'll shield the flames again

So just hold on
Our Lord will show up
And He will take you through the fire again

Stay firm, and keep looking upward. After looking at this site, it is obvious you have the support of many friends.

Let us know if you need anything at all.

We love you guys,

Keith, Brandy, Caleb & McKenzie Nations

Rob and Cari said...

Jack we love you so much and are thinking of you and praying for you! We wish we could be there with you through this trying time. You have the best mom, dad and brother and sister. I know that they will be taking very good care of you. And it sounds like you have awesome doctors who know exactly what to do for you. We send lots of hugs and kisses!

Rob and Tammy we are praying for your family. We love you all so much. We have many people here praying for your strength and especially for Jack........I am positive we will be heard.

We love you,
Rob, Cari, Jordan, Morgan and Logan

steve, brenda, cole, kelli said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Close your eyes and imagine our arms around you and your family. Look to God and he will provide you the strength that you need. We love you!

Steve, Brenda, Cole, and Kelli Watts

Matt Merritt said...

Rob and Tammy,

Just wanted you to know that Cheryl and I have been thinking and praying about you guys and Jack. Wayne Terrell has called us with updates, and he told us about this blog. We are very excited to hear that things went well today with the surgery, and that the tumor appears to not be cancerous. We hope and pray for the best possible outcome in the upcoming days and thereafter. I can't imagine what y'all are going through, but we pray that God will give you all the strength and comfort to endure this.

All our best,

Matt and Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Tammy, Rob and Jack,
God is so good! He has heard our prayers and I believe will continue to heal Jack as we continue our prayers for him. Please take care of yourselves also.
I can't help but smile when I think of 2 year old Jack coming to our class in his cowboy boots and suit.
Love and prayers continually for you all.
Becky Kirkpatrick

Anonymous said...

Dear Tammy, Rob and, of course, Jack,
my name is Dave and I work with Grandpa Robert in Kyrgyzstan. I'm not too big on prayer, but I will try and make a bigger effort in the following weeks in the hope that everything continues to stay on track for a full recovery for Jack.
Love Dave

dixie mcleod said...

PRAISE GOD!! PRAISE GOD!! We continue to lift y'all in prayer now for complete healing. May everyone's rest be gentle and complete this evening. May you continue to FEEL HIS arms wrapped about you. May you KNOW how loved you are. May your spirits be refreshed.
Tom & Dixie & Christ Covenant Community--Beaumont

Robyn said...

Praise be to God for His faithfulness! Thank you God for your love! We will continue to pray for healing and peace. Hang in there Jack--you are one awesome guy! Rob, Tammy and Elaine--keep leaning on Him!

Love and prayers,
The Wertheims

Anonymous said...

Rob, Tammy,and Jack,
Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for your family and for little Jack this morning as I have been all week! We will miss him in class today and I will save his "treasure" out of the treasure box for when he gets back!

May God give you the comfort and peace that only He can supply!
Allison Winters

jessica said...

Thanks for doing this! We all want and need the updates about Jack! Poor Tamara would have to just turn off the phone if this wasn't available!

Tammy & Rob,
I have been in constant prayer for each of you and the Dr and of course Jack. I even got out of bed at 6 to check the blog (and you know what kind of morning person I am, Tammy) I know the road is just beginning but you have a church family who loves you and will be there for anything. We love you guys and can't wait for you to be home.

Megan and Kali have said their prayers and even gotten classmates to pray. We love you and can't wait for Mondays at the park in a few short weeks.

Hugs to you, Jessica

Anonymous said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! We're so grateful for each hurdle that God takes Jack through and will continue to pray unceasingly for his recovery.
The Saylors

Steven Ammons said...

It is really awesome to hear that Jack is doing so well, I heard about him thru a email from a fellow co-worker. My twin brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor in February of this year. It has been a long road with him. He had a eppisode last night and we spent a lot of time at the hospital. They found it to be that his Anti-seizure medicine was to low. I just want to let you know that GOD DOES HEAL, and he has done so much in my twin brothers life. He was also diagnosed with brain cancer and had to go thru 2 months of radiation therapy and 2 months of chemo therapy. He is doing so good and I hope this brings hope to you and your family. I know it is probably very hard for Jack's sister, I know what kind of bond my brother and i have being twins and it is a very special bond. I know me and my brother are a lot older than your twins (we are 25) but they will grow closer and closer everyday of their lives. Just be there for each other and let God do the work. One of the most important things is to keep faith. If ya'll need anything please email me at Ammo4280@gmail.com. Also if I could I get ya'lls mailing address. I have something I would like to give ya'll.
Praying for ya'lls family,
Steven Ammons

Anonymous said...

Oh Halleyulah (as my little friend Wesley says). I am so glad and so relieved that this leg of the journey is over. Now to tick off the hours of monitoring. . .What an awesome God we have!


Pat White said...

Thursday - - - a new day. And we are still out here with prayers and kind thoughts for Jack and his family.

Bless you all. Hold on to God and to each other. I can hardly wait to see you again.

I am at work but still prayerful.

More later dear ones

Pat White

Anonymous said...

Marcelain Family - We are all praying for a full recovery for Jack. We are so thankful that God answers our prayers. Please let us know how we can help. We love all of you and pray for you all many times each day. May God continue to bless you.

Darla & Sam Wohlers
Will & Shelby

Wayne Terrell said...

Ever since Tamara told Diane and I the GREAT NEWS last night I have been praising God for the AWESOME work He has done through those ministering to Jack. We sat by Tamara last night and she said that she is doing well with the kids. I told her that we are here for her if she needs us and for all of you however you need us. As Phil & Micki mentioned, we had a number of people meet in room 111 last night to lift your family up in prayer. It was a touching time for many of us! God is truly surrounding you with His love! Audrey prayed for Jack last night to get better! We love you & continue to pray for you & Jack's recovery.

Your brother,
Wayne Terrell

Anonymous said...

The Wohlers household is praying for Jack, and he has been added to the prayers and prayer chain at Zion Lutheran Church. God is great!!
Sam and Darla Wohlers

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!!!
Kauy, Makaley and I have prayed for healing. Kauy told me how they prayed for his "friend" Jack in class last night. God is awesome!!!We love you!!! Now, let God continue to work, and you get some rest. He will hold all of you.

The Troy Stirman Family said...

Dear Marcelains-
Embrace the peace that God has presented to you in the form of this great news in Jack's successful surgery. Wrap yourselves with the love of the saints whose intentful and intensive prayers have poured forth upon the alter for your little one. Let not the cares of today mar the beauty of your lives together (transliterated Ris)as a whole and complete family. You are cradled by so many, remembered by all, and watched over by HIM!!
We love you guys!

Troy, Sarah, Ashley & Riley

M & M Watson said...

Rob, Tammy, and Jack,

You have been on our hearts and in our prayers! It sounds like there is pretty good news. Marly had a high school friend who had this same kind of thing last year ago (just before her senior year). She had long beautiful hair, and they only shaved the little spot where they had to go in, so she still had beautiful senior pictures! It is truly amazing (Gomer Pyle)! We will continue to pray for you guys that everything will continue to be positive and that Jack will be back to his usual antics soon. We love you. The Watsons

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord, Oh my soul! For He forgives all my sins and HEALS ALL MY DISEASES.
Psalm 103.3
We all contine our prayers of healing for you.
Love, Pete, Mandy, Spencer, & Sutton Welch

Anonymous said...

Rob, Tammy, Elaine, and Sweet Jack,

WOW! PRAISE GOD!!! We are so thankful to hear this good news! I am weeping for Joy. This is the best news I have heard in a long time! Mike has been asking me every minute if I have heard anything else about Jack. He has been waiting for good news since he watched you guys drive off in the rental car at Love Field in Dallas.

We continue to pray for Jack's complete recovery and your stength. Just know that we have joined in with the other thousands of people that are in constant prayer for your family. You are so deeply loved and admired for your strength and courage!

We Love you guys and can't wait to celebrate when you all return home!

Mike and Rachel Perkins

P.S. I am so glad to hear that Jack LOVED the flight to Dallas! Mike said that his favorite part was when you guys went through a cloud! That is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Rob, Tammy and Jack -
We are continuing to keep you in our prayers. We are so thankful that Jack came through surgery well. We will continue praying for a full recovery! We love you!
Charlie and Michelle

Anonymous said...

We are continuing to pray for you each during this craziness. We are so thankful for the good report following his surgery. I hardly know you but I as well as Mark, Claire, Molly, and Paul are each praying for you as well and can understand to a tiny degree what you are experiencing but can REALLY understand the awesomeness and power of our God. Please take care of yourself as best as you can fathom right now. I'm praying God's grace and peace for that for you. You have blessed me and my family so much. Tell Jack I'm missing him and look forward to his return.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for posting about Jack. I am also a Mom, and my heart breaks for Tammy and Rob. I am grateful and thanking God with a sigh of relief that the tumor was not malignant. Praise God for that answer!

Father, God, please accept our thanks for this miracle for little Jack. Please uphold his family with strength and stamina. Give them wisdom. Surround them with others who love You and believe in Your power and grace. Please send them back home fuller than when they left; more sure of Your faithfulness; more focused on the things of Your heart. Please continue to grant miracles for each of them, especially as they are apart from their other children...give the little ones wisdom and strength and love beyond their years. Please reunite this family in wholeness and health.

Bevery McCallon
Abilene, Texas

Anonymous said...

God is such a showman! Those 4 pieces will probably be His next miracle! Praise Him!

Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

Marcelains, I am so thankful Jack's surgery went well.As soon as I got the email concerning Jack (I didn't know about the blog until today) your wonderful family was lifted up in prayer by groups all over the United States.We will continue to pray for his complete and speedy recovery. Please try to get some rest (not on the floor!). We adults don't bounce back as quickly as kids do!
Karen Frazier

Anonymous said...

We are friends of Jeff and Randa Upp in Scottsdale, Arizona. They've shared with us your journey and struggles right now and we want you to know that we're praying for all of you. We're so thankful that the surgery went well and pray that things continue to go well. As numerous people have said, please get some rest so you can be at your utmost when you need to be with Jack. We'll continue to check this website for updates but please know that you have people all over the world praying for you.

Jeff and Kathy Greenberg

Anonymous said...

Tammy Marcelain writes:
Jack woke up today, not feeling great. I was glad to see him get some more morphine. He is in quite alot of pain, and doesn't want to move too much. He is still doing what the Dr's ask. Moving this and that. Trying to open his big beautiful blue eyes as much as he can. Dr. Rubel, the Neurosurgeon who does the morning rounds came by this morning and checked on Jack. He had him do the typical check up at this point, then said goodbye Jack. Jack in all of his sweetness who didn't even have his eyes open and really can't speak, lifted his arm and waved goodbye. Jack's hurdle today is that because of the gravity during surgery his mouth which was facing down as they were working on the back of his head was open. His tongue hung down, filled with fluid and is swollen. It won't fit inside his mouth and he doesn't like that. He is not real aware of anything, but he definately doesn't like the feeling. Because of his tongue, they will either put a tube down his nose and give him real food today, or keep his iv's as being his main source of nutrition.

To all the wonderful people who are praying, and trying prayer for the first time for our son. Thank You. God loves us so, and I saw a cross in the gift shop yesterday that referred to We are fearfully and wonderfully made, that gave me encouragement because I thought even with this tumor and all that has gone on with Jack and his health, he is wonderfully made. I already knew that, but it made me realize that Jack is God's workmanship, made by him, on loan to this earth and gifted to Rob and I. And God knowsand has known just what Jack was and is and is to come. I thank you all for lifting our son and family to the Master Creator in the sky. Each time I think of all the love sent our way I am reminded of God's perfect love and the people who are Jesus with skin on right now to us. You are amazing. Thank you Sarah for this information highway. I am so grateful for you, the queen of blogging. To our family all over the world, Rob's father in Krgystan, who is having to deal with this so far away, our family in Arizona, from California to New York and all over the world. Thank you. To our family at Southern Hills Church of Christ, I am crying now. I am so grateful for your service to our family, taking care of my sister in law, who is taking care of DJ and Sophie. You are such a blessing to us.

Anonymous said...

Tammy and Rob, I think Tamara's facial expression gave the good news away before she opened her mouth last night at Manna And More. God is faithful and will continue to watch over you and the medical staff as Jack heals from this trauma. Our prayers are continuing...Love, Foy and Mary Sue

ginny.boin@acu.edu said...

Thank God! Report sounds encouraging. Ours thoughts and prayers are with you. We love you all dearly! Sam and Ginny Bolin

Anonymous said...

God does work in mysterious ways! I met Rob Sr. while on assignment in Kyrgyzstan a number of years ago and a friend has just made me aware of this circumstance. Rest assured that the prayers will flow from this part of the world too. Bless you all in this stressfull time and we're rootin' for you.
Bryan McInnes

Anonymous said...

TO GOD BE THE GLORY!! Many prayers have been answered for Jack as "your family in Christ" have been fervently praying for your whole family. We thank God the doctor had skillful hands, for the small incision they had to make, the people that are in constant prayer for the WHOLE MARCELAIN FAMILY, and God's answer to our prayers. We love you and your warm spirit for Jesus, and even though you cannot see this now, you will become much stronger in Christ for going thru this. We pray for you to get some much needed rest. Jack will be resting and you will be needed by him so much more at a later time. Tears of sadness, and now tears of joy have streamed our faces as we all experience the love of God through this time. We love you in the love of Christ, and pray for QUICK RECOVERY for little Jack. Also pray that you(Tammy) are feeling much better and able to regain your strength. Love you all! Marty Williams

Anonymous said...

Your Spirit has put me in AWE. You have given me more than I can give you. I have prayed for you and your family. I Love your strenght and honesty. YOU are an example of Faith. We Love you and hope you get to come home soon. My kids have you in their prayers as well. God is amazing. If God will bring us to it, He will bring us through it. Keep The Faith and God will do the rest.
Love Michelle Caraway