April 26, 2005

Posting a Comment 101

For those of you that are fairly new to BloggerLand -- WELCOME!! If you love to people-watch as much as I do, you could spend all day "surfing blogs" and reading about the lives of perfect strangers. However, that's not why THIS blog was created -- this blog is to keep up with Rob and Tammy and Jack and Sophie and DJ Marcelain and send them our love and prayers. Some of you are unfamiliar with how to post a comment and, after looking at the blog, I realize it's really not very self-explanatory. Each 'set' of information I put up is called a post. At the bottom of the post is a line that says, "Posted by Sarah" (that would be moi'), the time (and this one will be at an unbelievable hour -- I have a cold that is interfering with my sleep), and how many comments have already been posted to that particular post. If there aren't any yet, it will say '0 Comments'. Click on the 'comment count' and it will take you to a page that has a blank spot for you to type in your message. If you aren't a registered 'blogger', (which you're probably not if you need this info! :-) then just click on the 'anonymous' button. However, your heading will say 'anonymous', so be sure and sign your name at the bottom of your message. When you are finished, hit the 'publish' button, and voila'! You have left a cyber-message of love and prayers! If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me at sarahstir79605@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

So more than one of us has been up through the "watches of the night!" Let's all use the sleeplessness for intercessory prayer for our sweet little brother.

Scott Ferguson said...

Rob, Tammy, Elaine, kids....

I don't know what to say other than we are so scared with you and are praying and praying and praying that this tumor will be healed. We love you and your family and we are going to be lifting you and Jack up in prayer so much.

Sandy's uncle once said, "there are going to be so many people praying so often that we are all going to DISTURB God!" While we can never truly disturb God, I hope it is comforting to you to know that we are going to do our best to try by praying so much and so often.

Our prayer is that God will providing healing and a powerful testimony for you to share with others about how He provided.

Anonymous said...

Rob, Tammy, Elaine, and wonderful Jack, our last words last night were for you and the first this morning. God has always been so powerful in your lives that we know He has a plan here to again show His majesty. We love you, Foy and Mary Sue

Anonymous said...

James, Carla, Ragan, Tyler, and Abbey love you Jack, Tammy, Rob, DJ, and Sophie. We are praying fervently. We've contacted every prayer warrior we know to send em up.

Anonymous said...

Rob, Tammy, Jack, Sophie, and DJ,

We are praying BIG for you guys and are trusting the Lord and his power for healing. Many others are praying with us, some whom you probably do not even know. We all tend to become spiritual parents when we see a child in need of healing even though we should have felt that identity before in the Body of Christ. May Jack feel the tangible touch of God on his head as we all lift him up in prayer!

In Him,
Toby, Care, Kinsey, Kyler, & Karis Christian

Elsje Hutson said...

Dear Marcelain Family,

" Holy Father please help my dear
friend and student Jack to feel better soon. Be with his Family give them wisdom to know what to do. Take all the fear away. Replace
it with your strenght and courage.
How we love you and trust you. Amen"

Anonymous said...

Rob, Tammy, Jack, D.J., & Sophie,
You are in our constant thoughts. We pray that God watches over each step the doctors take. Our family will be praying for you many times each day. If you have any need, money, etc. please let us know.
Wes, Sheila, Cameron, & Mikayla Hilburn

Anonymous said...

My Dear Friend Tammy & Family,
My heart is so heavy today. I can't express how sorry I was to hear the news about sweet Jack. I missed you both today in library! Know that God is watching over Jack and you as well. He will guide the doctors in the right direction. I just know it! You have such a strong faith and are a wonderfully loving and caring family. Please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers constantly. If there is anything I can help you with on this end let me know!
Roz Hyland

Anonymous said...

Rob and Tammy,
Our family went through this last summer. The Doctors in Dallas are great. The Lord blessed us greatly. I pray the same blessings for you.
Heather Ake

Anonymous said...

Dear Rob, Tammy and Elaine,
I was up all night thinking about you. I am praying, I love you! Being brave at a time like this is uncomprehendable. Dear God, Heal Jack!! In Jesus Name, Amen. Derek is fine this morning, he is all smiles with his friends and carring on as usual. I want to talk to him but I am refraining until you have talked to him. He is getting a few extra hugs today. You are God's sheep, and He will take care of you! I am anxiously awaiting for God to answer our prayers the way we are praying them. Love always, Phyllis

Anonymous said...

We are Hutton Frazier's grandparents. Hutton is a friend of
Jack and our prayers are with all of you and that Jack is well soon.
Papa and Nana Frazier

Kelly Smith family said...

Sweet family... we are praying endlessely for Jack's healing healing and strength. I have contacted an elder at Highland and he is heading up more prayer warriors. God's going to be really busy. We love you, Smith Family... Kelly, whitney, Zach, and Jackson

Anonymous said...

Rob & Tammy..
I hope you know homw much we love and appreciate you guys! I hope you also know how much I believe in prayer. I have been praying hard for Jack and will be praying especially hard in the morning during the surgery. Please know that there are many many prayers being offered by our Southern Hills family. May God's richest blessings be on all of you!
Richard & Jane Melton

Anonymous said...

Marsha and I prayed for healing and peace this morning at 6:30. Our God will be faithful. We love all of you and will be in prayer all day.

Steve Ridgell

Anonymous said...

I'm probably one of the most blessed men on earth. I have a son, Rob who I could not be more proud of. He is a devoted husband, father and christian. My daughter, Tamara, will always be daddy's little girl even though she is a wonderful, loving mother herself. If I would have provided God with blue prints of the kind of persons I wanted for a daughter-in-law and son-in-law, he would have provided me with exactly who I have, Tammy and Daryl. Tammy brings joy and love into every person she is in contact with. (She is also a very good photographer as well, so if you have a wedding coming up, give her a call.) daryl, I don't think I ever met anyone or ever will who does not like Daryl. He treats people with respect and will help anyone in their time of need.

My blessings did not stop there, each one of Elaine's and my five grandchildren, DJ, Jack, Sophie, Lauren and Big Zack are special and hold a special place in our hearts. But there is only one Jack, the analyzer, the game rule maker, the master of many funny faces, the deep thinker and my number one jogging buddy.

Jack, there are people praying for you all over the world, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Canada, England, Scotland, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Zambia and South Africa just to mention a few.

Grandpa loves you and is praying hard for you!!


Anonymous said...

Your cousin Marsha sent us this information and asked for our prayers. I am forwarding it to others who will be praying for Jack and the caregivers, family, friends and others. We love you with the love of the Lord. God bless you all. Frances and Casey Riley, Turnpike church of Christ, Grand Prairie, Texas

Anonymous said...

Melba and I will keep on praying. We love all of you very much. God is faithful! And, He loves you, too.

Bill and Melba

Anonymous said...

Tammy & Rob,
You are constantly on my mind and in my prayers. Tammy, all of David's Psalms that we just studied are rushing through my head:
46: God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear...Be still and know that I am God...
55: Evening, morning and noon I cry out in distress, (we're all doing that!)AND HE HEARS MY VOICE!
62: My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I WILL NEVER BE SHAKEN....my HOPE comes from Him.

God is in control and He loves you all so much. I love you too and wish I could just hold you tight right now. I've asked God to give you an extra squeeze for me.

With my love and prayers,
Carol Kelly

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you and your sweet boy. Kathy Sconiers
Southern Hills/Wylie
Middle School

Anonymous said...

We pray for your boy from this side of the world. Our house is in Houston, but have been over here for many years. I write that to assure you about the quality of care being the best where you are. Good luck.

Alexandra, Lev, Natalia, and Sandy

the Hiscock family said...

Dear Jack,
We don't know you but LOVE you already. Our family is thinking about you VERY much and praying for you right now as you are having surgery. God will protect you and help you heal soon. Tell your mommy, daddy, sister and all your family that you all are in our hearts,thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family and Jack.

Jennifer and Tuey Rankin
Lubbock, TX

Anonymous said...

Rob, Tammy, Elaine, kids.......
I just got word last night re:Jack. May heart aches for you all and is full of love and prayers. Also, prayers for the surgeons touching your precious son. I love you all.
Shirley Cope

Terry Rogers said...

Jack, your grandpa, Robert is a friend of mine. I now live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, (it's a mouthful of words for 'mericans) Your Grandpa and I worked together in Kyrgyzstan for more than three years. I know how much he loves his children and grandkids. He looks like a tough guy, but he's pretty soft in the heart- and that's where you reside with him. I'm not sure in reading all these BLOG-things what the status is right now of your surgical procedure, but know that all of your Grandpa Robert's friends are thinking of you today and hoping that everything will be just fine.

So, as a Canadian might say...."Hang tough, eh?"

Terry Rogers - S'toon Saskatchewan

Anonymous said...

God Bless you, you are all in our prayers. Mike and Terri Matthews

Anonymous said...

Tammy and Rob,

Know that we are on our knees in England. May HE give you comfort and peace. May HE give peace and patience to Jack as he heals. We love you and wish we could do more from so far away.

Kyle and Camille Dickson

Anonymous said...

Tammy & Rob
We are thinking of you and praying that all goes well. I live next door to Heather Baker (Moms of Multiples) and let her know yesterday - she was going to connect the others.
Love to you all.
Avis & Don Waldrop (Jim's Mom & Dad)

Anonymous said...

You are in my prayers and those of my family. Having spent the past week in the hospital sitting beside my mother's bed, I sympathize with the sitting and waiting anxiety. May God give you strength for the journey. Gary Green

Anonymous said...

Rob,Tammy, and family
I know that God is with you now, but even more so with Jack and the doctors as they perform this surgery. There is power in prayer and I know that for a fact that he hears and will answer. Keep your hands in his and watch GOD go to work.
You and your family will be in my prayer, praying for healing and a speedy recovery.
Abilene, Texas

Anonymous said...

Dear Marcelain Family,
It was a little over 3 years ago when Chad had his brain surgery. It lasted about 9 hours. God was with Chad and brought him through it. I know he will do the same for your precious son. Please know that our many thoughts and prayers are with Jack as well as with you. May God give you comfort and peace.

Chad, Jennifer, Taylor, Tanner and Bailey Rhineheimer

Gateway Church of Christ

Anonymous said...

Rob,Tammy and Family,
Bless you all! May the Lord give you strength, hope and surround you with love. May the Lord give you comfort in His arms and those family members and friends around you. You continue to stay on my heart and in my prayers.
Margaret Maloney Hillcrest Church

Anonymous said...

God will answer prayers and control events when we ask. He will not ignore our prayers for Jack. I Have been asking for him to BE THE HANDS of the sergon and gaurd Jack for all of us Pat

Ed Wald said...

ey Jack, can you tell that I am a Canadian, my name is Ed Wald and while I do not know you personally I do consider myself a good freind of your grandpa Robert, I worked with him in Kyrgyzstan for about 8 years and I am now in Mongolia. Being a grandfather of 4 wonderful little ones I consider myself the luckiest person in the world, I know your grandpa would argue that point.

Jack you need to know that our throughts and prayers are with you and your family at this critical time in your life, be stong, stay positive and keep the faith, you have people from all over the world praying for you and you are in good hands.

God's speed
Ed Wald

Anonymous said...

Your family is so precious to us as it is to so many. Tammy, one our mutual friends once said that you are one of the most content and joyful people she has ever known. I happen to wholeheartedly agree and pray that God will help you to find joy and blessings in each in every day. Even in these most trying of times. Our family will continue to lift you all up-we pray that you may be overwhelmed with God's peace and wrapped in his healing love, With much love- David, Stephanie, Grayson, Cassidy and Jaxton

Anonymous said...


We are writing this message from Zambia. We are friends of your Grandfather Robert. When he informed us of your operation we wanted to write to you wishing you the best of luck with your operation.

We would also like to convey to you, your parents Rob and Tammy as well as Grandpa Robert, we will be thinking and praying for your speedy recovery.

Maybe sometime in the future Grandpa Robert will have the opportunity to bring you to Zambia to Visit our kids, they are about the same age as you and would enjoy showing you around,

The best of luck,

Mike, Katy and Doug Gregory

Anonymous said...

Dear Tammy, Rob, and sweet Jack,
I got a call the other night from my good friend Jo about Jack. I go to church with Jo, who is your sister Tamara's best friend. I know Tamara and think she is a wondeful person. I'm so glad she's there taking care of your other babies. I want you to know there are lots of people here praying for you. WE will keep it going in Clovis, NM!!
Grace and Peace from above!
Kathy S.

Anonymous said...

My dear sweet Tammy and family:
God is such a help in need and I know he's all around you right now. He's especially blessing little Jack. Our prayers are in God's ears constantly.

Oh how thankful I am that Dan came by to see you, as did Phil. Others are there too, I hear. May God's loving arms hold you tight.I love you,
Kay Nadeau

Anonymous said...

To little Jack and his famiy.

Just to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. May God continue to watch over each of you.

We love you,
Bill & Caryln

Anonymous said...

Dear Tamara,

Hello from Kathy in Clovis! Just wanted to let you know you and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Of course I talk and see Jo everyday and she has kept me up on everything. I also check in on the blog as often as possible. It makes me feel so good everytime I read the updates on things and the notes people send, It gives me such hope knowing people all over the world are praying together to our Father for Jack.
I want you to know how proud of you I am!! You are there taking care of things and that helps in a big way. God has totally used you in this.
I told Jo how I wish we could blast over there to be with you, but with Scott leaving town again she'll have her kids alone and I'm heading back to help my Mom for a few days. We're all with you though!!

We'll keep the thoughts, prayers, and everything going in NM!!! I send my love to Jack, Tammy, Rob, DJ,Sophie, Mother, Lauren, Zach, well your whole family and YOU!!!
I think it's so awesome the friendship you've had with Jo for such a long time. It is truly a blessing!! She is a blessing to me and through her I got to meet you.
Take care Darlin and I hope to see you when your back through town!!
Grace and Peace from Above.
Love, Kathy Steinle