April 25, 2005

Jack and Sophie, ringing in 2005! Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Dear Jack and family, we are blessed to pray for you all and for our Lord Jesus to bless you "real good."

Praying for the best medical wisdom and for complete healing for you, Jack. Your friend Kyler Christian is a friend of mine, too.

Carolyn Dycus for the Highland Prayer Ministry in Abilene

P.S. I don't like shots either!

Anonymous said...

Marcelain's, just want ya'll to know that we're praying like crazy for all that you're going through. John and I and the kids, all of us are praying. I heard Miles pray twice while playing outside yesterday before ya'll had probably even gotten to Dallas. We will continue to keep you covered in prayers and do our very best to care for D.J. and Sophie and Tamara and her children while you're gone. Tammy, I think you know you can count on so many of us. Just let us know what needs to be done and it will be. Grocery shopping, errands, lawn mowing, someplace to stay down there and we'll find a way to take care of it. We love ya'll! Shawn Wheeler and family

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack and family,
Word has traveled quickly through the faculty here at Wylie Elementary. Several prayers have been said on your behalf and I know that we will continue to pray for all of you. I saw Sophie in the TV room early this morning and she is doing well.

Carla Hooper

Anonymous said...

Dear Marcelains,

We just wanted to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. I know God is with you right now and will be your strength to get you through this difficult time. Know that we will be here to help you in any way we can. We love you all and will pray for you.

Love, Robin, John, McKenzie and Marshall McPherson

David Merrell said...

Dear Jack and the rest of the Marcelain family,

You are very much in our thougths and prayers. Today's doctors can do marvelous things, and our God can do even more.

You have a loving and concerned family at Southern Hills, one that believes in prayer. There will be much prayer in the coming days. We love you and pray that everything will go well.

Peace and grace.

Dave Merrell

Karen Ewing said...

Me and my daughter are praying for Jack every night. We are friends and co-workers of Michael and Karen Gililland. We pray that God will heal this little boy and remain with this boy's family through these tumultous times. Have faith! Karen Ewing-Abilene, TX

Anonymous said...

Dear Marcelain family,
It is hard to think about my work today knowing what you are going through. We will be with you today in prayer. We will be with you in spirit. Take care.

Robert and Jenny Oglesby

Anonymous said...

Dear Marcelain family - you are in our prayers constantly that the surgery will comlpletely remove the tumor with no adverse affects. The Lord will be with Jack as he goes through this because so many Christians are praying for him and Jack is one of His lovely children. The Lord will guide the hands of this doctor as he works on Jack. May you feel His peace as you wait for the surgery to end. Our paryers will continue all day.
Bob and Karen Bland

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack and Family,
My thoughts and prayers are with you on this tough day. May you feel God in your presence and get the answer to all of our prayers

Melissa Lindley
Abilene, TX

Anonymous said...

Dear Marcelains-
We are Harold and Mary Ann Wuest of West 21st Church in Clovis, NM.
We are friends of Scott and Jo Odom family.
We, also, join this large group of concerned brothers and sisters in praying for the absolute best for all.
In our family we know that God answers prayers!! We have experience and have seen results of healing.
Our prayers are with you and we will bring in the rest of our family (scattered all over) to join us.
God continue to bless all of you.

Bobby, Lori, Tucker and Erin Sartor said...

Dear Jack and family, we are so sorry to hear about precious little Jack and the struggles that he is going through at this time. I just want you all to know that you are in our every thought and prayer. My 5 year old twins have decided that they will talk about Jack constantly, as if he were here with them, even though they haven't met him personally. I do know however they have a very strong prayer for him that they have been reciting at a moments notice, (at 5 I didnt know anything more than now I lay me down to sleep), but I feel God sometimes speaks through my children , and I always listen. We lift Jack up to the Lord and pray for his surgeons and the nurses that are assisting in this difficult operation and ask that God place his loving hands on everyone involved, especially Jack, Rob and Tammy. Just from reading the comments everyone has been writing, you all are so fortunate to have a loving church family as well as very dear friends who care for you very deeply. Please know that we are here for you if there is anything at all we can do to help. I know at a time like this you have an almost helpless feeling, as if you want to be doing something, but not really sure what it is, but with your strong faith and the faith of those around you and here at home, prayer and love for your sweet little boy is the most important thing you can offer at this time.
We are here for you at any time, to help with whatever you may need no matter how big or small.

Love in Christ,
Bobby, Lori, Tucker and Erin Sartor
Abilene Mothers of Multiples

I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.
Habakkuk 3:18

reisa said...

Dearest Rob, Tammy, Elaine and family.. My prayers and love are with you all... Please know the lord answers all prayer and strength comes from him and him alone. I have the fondest memories of you when we were all in Grants and miss those times..

I love you all
Reisa Stewart Williams

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack and family,

I have been praying for you all day long. As the mother of a cancer survivor, how I can relate to you, Tammy, especially. My 6 month old baby, Isaac, was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma and had to have surgery 3 days later. Those are some scary times but God is so faithful to carry us through and make us infinitely stronger in our faith for having defeated the enemy. I know he will bathe you in his peace because we are all praying for just that.

Peace and Love,
Laura Johnson (Former Southern Hills member, now living in O'Fallon, IL)

Barbara said...

Dear Jack all of your family, I am honored to be able to pray for you during your illness. I pray God's grace and love will surround you and all who come into contact with you during this time. I pray that you will soon be healed and running and playing again and that you will feel really good. I pray for God's strength, and comfort for you and your family. God bless you all. I am a friend of one of your friends, Mary Sue and Foy Owens, who told us about you. I hope I get to meet you someday. Love, Barbara

Anonymous said...

Dear Tammy & Family - just wanted to let you know our family is praying for all of you. Please let us know if you need anything. Our church, Zion Lutheran, will be praying for all of you as well as the doctors. We love all of you and pray that Jack will be just fine. We will keep you in our prayers and thoughts. Shelby's pre-k class is going to say a special prayer for Jack today at chapel time.

We love you all,
Darla & Sam Wohlers
Will & Shelby Murray
Abilene, Texas

Anonymous said...

My name is Anji, and I am Lisa Carrolls sister. My prayers are with your family in this time of hardship and crisis. Children are a gift to us arent they, and how often we take them for granted. I too have twins and understand how precious these angels are. Know that the Lord is with you and watching over your family. I can really feel the love being shown your family, and I think it is wonderful. Take care and know that you are loved dearly, even from those of us you dont know. May God Bless You.....anji

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack,
You are a very strong and brave young man. I am praying for your fast recovery and complete healing.

Jacinda (friend of Leah H. )

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack and Family, we are praying for you. Jack you don't know us but we know your grandma Elaine, your dad Rob and your aunt Tammy. We have a set of twin, their names are Briana and Isaac. We are all praying for you and we know that God loves you very, very much. He will bless you and your family. Love Walter, Bertha, Cathy, Briana and Isaac Smith.

Anonymous said...

Just received word Robert. Our prayers and wishes are coming way to your Jack and family.

God bless.

Guy and Kim
Calgary, canada

Anonymous said...

Praying for Jack and family from Singapore.

LCDR David Bynum, Chaplain, USN

Eloise Anderson said...

Dear Tammy, Rob and Jack, Sophie and B.J.and Elaine too,

All our love and prayers are with you all.

I have contacted all your cousins here in Australia.

Love always,

Aunt Eloise and all your Aussie Cousins XXXXXOOOOO

Bobby, Lori, Tucker and Erin Sartor said...

Sweetest Jack, we are so glad to hear the surgery is over and you came through just great. Now is the hard part of keeping a 6 yr. old occupied for recovery. I dont know how long you will have to stay there, but we hope you have a speedy recovery and are back home before you know it! Rob and Tammy, I hope you have gotten at least a little rest (if that is at all possible), because you are the most important part in his recovery. We are praying for the quickest recovery possible so you can return to being just a normal 6 yr. old.

Love in Christ
Bobby, Lori, Tucker and Erin Sartor
Abilene Mothers of Multiples

DMcFadden said...

Dear Marcelain Family,
I teach at Wylie Intermediate, and you can be sure that the whole facutly has you on their hearts at this time. My husband and I are also in charge of the Prayer Ministry at Elmcrest Baptist here in Abilene, and we have added you to our prayer list. Your names will be there until constant prayer is no longer a "must do." May the God Lord continue to bless you and keep you. May His light continue to shine on you.
Debra McFadden and the Praying people of Elmcrest Baptist Church.

P.S. I also sent your names to friends and family all over the US.

Eli Dunning said...

God bless Jack and the entire family.

I'm praying specifically for complete healing for Jack, and peace, and strength for the entire family. I think I'll also throw some prayers in for no more shots, but if they are necessary that they are painless and that Jack is fearless of them. {{HUGS}} Bless his little heart.

Eli, from Indiana

Eric & Donna Milgate said...

All our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

By reading the comments on the surgery etc. it looks good and we shall pray for Jack's speedy recovery.

Tammy & Rob, take care. Our love to you both and the family. Special love to Jack.

Uncle Eric, Aunty Donna, James, Gillian & Lee, and Kym & Andrew.