April 26, 2005

Something little Abilene folks can do

Some precious ladies are trying to see to it that Rob, Tammy, Elaine, and Jack know that we love them dearly. They are gathering things to send over a care package. For Wylie folks, Karen Gililland is collecting -- cards, notes, whatever. For Southern Hills, you can get your things to me, Sarah Stirman (although I am currently so sick you may not see my face for a while) or to Karene Neill. Robyn Wertheim from Highland is also getting some things and Robyn will see to it that it gets there. Something that Robyn mentioned friends from Highland appreciated when they spent a lot of time in a children's hospital: at H-E-B, you can buy a pre-loaded Visa/MasterCard. It doesn't cost any more than you want to put on the card, and you can put any amount on the card. Robyn has offerred to buy a card, if you would like to email her and add to the amount robyn.wertheim@cox.net. Calling cards would also be appreciated and used, I'm sure. You may know more than me what people waiting in hospitals need. Jack may appreciate a book or coloring book, but being in ICU, I can't imagine that he could do much more than that. The first package is going out Thursday morning, so get your things to any of these ladies on Wednesday. And, keep praying!
Matthew 18:10 "(these little ones). For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven."


Grant said...

May the God of all comfort and peace reveal Himself mightily to you all in the next hours and days. In the name of Jesus, may Jack be healed! We are lifting you up.

In Him,
Grant, Amy, Andrew, Nicholas and Anna Claire Boone

Evy Greenlee said...

Dear Jack, Tammy and Rob,
We are thanking the Lord for bringing Jack safely through his surgery. We will continue to pray that all goes well over the next few days. Love you all and hope you get to come home soon.

Evy, Ed, Lauren, Andrea and Kristen
P.S. Tammy, Lauren will pick up the proofs today! They're going to be great.