April 29, 2005

Tammy Says

Well they have added some more meds to Jack's menu. Some to sooth his tummy, some more to help him with the pain...He just had an xray to see where the feeding tube is in his stomach, they will move it around to bypass his stomach and go straight down the next area, maybe he can get some nutrition that way. He will have another xray after they move the tube, to check it has gone to the correct spot. A nurse, or attending, or fellow, or practitioner... told me the other day that although the text book recovery is about 3-4 days till they feel better, she has never seen it work that way. She said the kids either bounce back right away, or it takes about 7-10 days. I think we are on the slow route. Although the route is slow, the docs are not worried about his progress. We are looking forward to seeing DJ and Sophie and some more family today.Thank you for your prayers and keep lifting my sweet Jack up to our Father in heaven. I know that each time he hears a prayer for Jack he shoots more power his way. Thanks again.Love to you all.
4/29/2005 10:36 AM


Anonymous said...

Okay-so Jack is so popular he gets a bracelet!!!??? I am loving it!!! I can't wait to get my own!!!We have to get extra for all the medical people who have no title:) I miss you guys. We got our job for Sunday and I was planning on being with yall. My child is excited that he gets to wear jeans and a T-shirt to church.
I pray for you ALL all the time. Iknow the kids will be happy to see you all of you and Jack will love to see his brother and sister.
I'll talk to you soon - there are other smart-aleck comments I can't put on this blog!!

Anonymous said...

Tammy and Rob -

Just letting you know that there are people here in the Pacific Northwest who are loving you and holding your family and doctors up to God in prayer.

May joy rain down on your heads today.

-Nikki Visel

Anonymous said...

I check the blogspot frequently and I am always anxious to hear about what is happening with Jack. I've been praying for you all. Thank you for the updates it has really helped us know what to pray for. We love you all so much!
Linda, Scooter, Brendan and Grace Ann

Anonymous said...

Dear Tammy,
Just want you to know Jack and rest of family our in my prayers day & night. You are at an absolutely fantastic facility, as you probably know & words cannot describe the blessings of Ronald McDonald House! Hannah has been
praying for Jack also!

With love, Diana Flanagan

Anonymous said...

Tammy and Rob

We just wanted to say how much we have been thinking of Jack and all of you.He is in our hearts and our prayers. He has been on our minds all day. Every time we think of all of you our eyes fill up with tears. we love this blog site and check on it constantly. Thinking of all of you. Brandi, Sabrina, Cindy and Dr. Garcia.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack,
You are a champ! We are praying for you all the time and checking on you with this blog. We are praying for God to fix your tongue. You are so special to us and we love you! We can't wait to go to church with you this Summer; we can all sing "This Little Light of Mine!".
Keely & Kinlie Grace

Pat White said...

Still praying for the Marcelains while I work.

Jack, you have impacted so many lives through the journey you are taking right now. You have encouraged and prompted people to let their lights shine. I have been humming your song all morning: "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine . . . " Funny thing is that my eyes keep watering.

Jack, you are so brave. I will have more to say about that tonight

You are very special boy and God will heal you completely.

Love and blessings,

Pat White

Anonymous said...

You are all so precious. We are, have been, and will continue to keep you all in our prayers. Our sweet college students in the mail room at ACU keep asking for updates on Jack and I know that they have been praying for him too. We love you and pray that you continue to be strong. We look forward to seeing Jack skipping through the church again with DJ and Sophie close by. Keep singing.
Love, the Perry's

Anonymous said...

There are no official "prayer warriors" at Abilene Christian University yet, but since I talked to Tammy a few days ago I have deemed myself the general and enlisted many of my friends to be warriors for Jack. We pray continually and hope always. I will play the role of "fearless leader" because I know that when you have God on your side, you ALWAYS WIN THE BATTLE.

Keep fighting, Marcelain family! We're fighting for you in prayer.

Lauren Oglesby

Anonymous said...

Ninety Five Percent
Tammy writes:
Dr. Price, Jack's neurosurgeon just called and talked with me. She was checking on Jack and also giving me the full low down on the mri.
The mri showed that Dr. Price removed over 95% of the tumor. Not the original 85-90% she thought. I love Dr. Price for her kindness and gentle nature because it is so comforting, I love the news she gave me, I love her skilled hands that she has blessed us with, and I love God for giving her a gift of such an awesome nature.
Just wanted to share some great news.

dixie mcleod said...

Indeed Jack you ARE a light to all of us!! Precious, Precious you...we will wear our bracelets with love for you, a living, breathing faith in the Father and joy because of how HE is working! Your Beaumont McLeod family and the Christ Covenant Church community continue to lift you and yours in prayer. We are praising and entreating HIM for further healing. May your light shine far and wide in witness to HIS goodness!! We love you--Tom & Dixie

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy and Rob,

After a couple of phone calls, I finally figured this blog thing out. What a great idea!!!
Jack and all of you have been in our prayers. We LOVE you guys.

In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence. Eph. 3:12
In Christ,
Valerie, David, Josh, Breanne & Nathan