Saturday Update

Well, poor Jack is hanging in there and slowly getting better, but he still is having quite a bit of trouble with vomiting (please just be patient if I'm spelling that wrong -- I don't know when I've had opportunity to write it so many times!). Again, Rob and Tammy have been told that the tumor had been pressing on a part of his brain that would cause vomiting, so the subsequent swelling of his brain after the surgery will also cause vomiting. Jack has had a LOT of trouble with that today. Tammy says that other indicators are all slowly getting better, but the vomiting has been a big problem today.

DJ and Sophie have been with them today and were scheduled to leave today, but DJ got upset last night and would really like to wait until Jack is all the way better. They will still be leaving tomorrow. Tammy predicted that would probably be hard on DJ. Sophie seems to be doing okay with all of it, but doesn't look at Jack too much or pay much attention to him. Perhaps it's just all too much.

His little tongue is still somewhat swollen, but continues to slowly go down. His eyes are partly open and he's fairly aware of everyone around him. Physical therapy came to see if he could sit up for a while, and he did for almost an hour.

Pray that Jack's body continues to mend and heal appropriately -- that the vomiting can subside, that his tongue swelling will go down, that his digestive system begins to function well.

Pray for the level of care Jack receives; that each nurse will be attentive and loving.

Pray for DJ and Sophie as they come back to Abilene tomorrow to be at peace now that they have seen the gravity of the situation.

Pray that Jack can be moved out of the ICU.


Anonymous said…
Rob and Tammy,
As we just read the latest update from Sarah, we will continue to pray for all of you. DJ and Sophie will definitely be in our prayers as they come back to Abilene.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share the details of Jack's recovery with all of us. He is such a hero to each and every one and you are both teaching us such great lessons in faith.

Hang in there and we will keep sending the prayers up to heaven!
Craig, Shellie, Brittany & Ashley
Pat White said…
Lord God continue to mend and heal Jack, stop the vomiting and allow the swelling on his tongue to disappear Allow Jack to start eating again soon.

God grant that all of Jack's care be attentive and loving by those who provide his care. Specifically we pray that all nurses be attentive and loving as they guide Jack back to health.

God, Abba Father, send the Spirit down in such measure that DJ and Sophie can leave their brother behind as they return to Abilene. May they be filled with peace although they have witnessed their brother in such difficult ways.

God, Our Father, Allow the Great Physician Jesus to guide Jack out of ICU and to set his course of recovery on a fast track.

Lord God Almighty Grant peace of mind to Rob and Tammy, Elaine and Tom, Tamara and Grandpa Marcelain.

In the name of God the Father, Christ the Savior, dear sweet Holy Spirit grant our hearts desires for this family - - - AMEN.

Pat White
Anonymous said…
Hello there, Jack our little light! You are having a hard time and we are so sorry. It is terrible to feel so bad. You are very brave and we are so proud of you. We wish we could hug you and make it all better. We are still praying for you. Today, we talked to some friends from Madagascar, Japan, and India, and they are all praying for you. You are famous all around the world! Everyone is getting your bracelets. We are so sorry that you have to feel bad. We love you.
David, Karise, Keely & Kinlie

Dear Sophie & DJ,
Your lights are shining,too! It is hard to see Jack hurting. I know you want to fix it in a snap because you love him so much. You are such a good brother and sister. You are famous,too. Everyone says how good you are to visit Jack and to talk to God about him being sick. It is okay to be really mad about him being sick. It is okay to cry about it,too. Tell God everything. He loves you and He wants to know how you feel, even the bad stuff, okay?It is okay to tell your family,too. You can even email us if you want to.We love you and ask for God to help your heart not to hurt. We ask God to help you to feel calm and peaceful inside about Jack. It is hard because you love him so much. We love you and we miss you so much. We wish we could hug you right now. Sing a song to Jack for us, please.
Love & Hugs.
David, Karise, Keely & Kinlie
Cari Gililland said…
I am sorry that your day has been so hard. I hope that tomorrow will be better. We love you and are thinking of you all day long. We check this site at least 100 times a day to see what is going on.
Rob and Tammy and Elaine,
I hope that you are getting some rest. These days must be so long for you. How fortunate Jack, DJ and Sophie are to have all of you.
DJ & Sophie,
I am sure that you were so happy to see your brother. It is so hard when someone you love so much is hurting. I know that you probably do not want to leave his side. Hopefully before long he will be back home with you. We love you and are so sorry that you are going through this. Your cousins say hi and they miss you! Sophie,
Logan has the pink care bear all ready to send back to you. She thinks that you probably need it right now. You are such a sweetie.

We will continue to watch for updates. This website is so wonderful, it keeps everyone updated without feeling like they are bugging anyone. I am sure that Tamara appreciates it. By the way Tamara, your note today was so wonderful. You are great, thank you for being there and taking care of DJ and Sophie.

We love you all,
Anonymous said…
Hello Jack,

We are members of RGM Security in Suriname, South America. We worked for Mr. Marcelain, your grandfather. We feel like you are not a stranger to us, because Mr. Marcelain had so many pictures of his grandchildren on one wall in his office. We used to think this man must have 50 grandchildern. But then we learned it was just four.

We have a question for you Jack. Sophie is your twin sister, how come you are so much bigger? Did you steal her food?

Your grandfather told us that you would go running with him. We hope that man did not make you run as hard or far like he did us.

We sometimes tricked your grandfater. After an operation if he would call us into his office we knew it was to discipline us for doing something wrong. We would walk in look at one of the pictures on the wall and ask him How is Jack to day? or have you spoken to Laren? He would then talk about you and forget why he called us in his office. So little man you have done us a favor now it is our turn. All of us and our familes are praying to God Almighty that he heal you fully. We want you to come to Suriname and we will take you to one of our Amerindian villages and teach you how to live in the jungle.

RGM Security
"A" team
Anonymous said…
Tammy, Rob, DJ, Sophie,
In reading the latest update it makes one grateful that technology has developed to be able to manage and deal with such finese these things that happen. Thank the Lord for enabling the surgeon to develop the skills to heal.
Our prayers and love are with you all and an extra portion for Jack. Hope each day is a little better for Jack and therefor for you both, also for Elaine, DJ and Sophie.
I will continue to check
for updates
Love to you all Greta, Veronica, Greg, Emma, Rachel, Jack, Debbie, Brett, Melissa and Samantha
Anonymous said…
DJ, We won today. Every Indian got a hit today. Everybody missed you and are wanting you back. Jack, today someone was talking about you at the ballpark and Joshua said that my friend. We love you guys. Today will be a good day. Kim and Joshua
Anonymous said…
Rob and Tammy,

We have kept up with you this week through this blog site. Thank you for taking time to keep everyone informed.

Our constant prayers go up for Jack, Sophie, DJ, and you and for Bob and Rama.

May God give you all the healing we seek. Please let us know if there is anything we can do back here in Abilene for you.

Bob and Teanie
Anonymous said…
We are praying for all of your family. We will pray that this is the big TURN AROUND day and all of the bad side effects will just go away. We love your family so much! Thank you for keeping the website up to date (you, too, Sarah).

Mark Hanner family
the Jennings' said…
Good morning!
It is Sunday and we are getting ready for We Are The Sermon Day. Just wanted you to know that you are still on our hearts and in our prayers. You will be missed so greatly today. We look forward to the body of Christ at Southern Hills being made whole again when "your part" returns home to us.
In Him,
Shane, M.C., Morgan and Zach
Anonymous said…
Hey Jack,
I am sorry you are sick. I have been throwing up too. I got a virus but I know I haven't been as sick as you. I hope you get better real soon. We miss seeing you. Your Buddy, Tyler H.
Anonymous said…
Rob and Tammy - I just read the update and am so pleased for the good news on the removal of the tumor. God is so good! Tell Jack how much we love him and admire his bravery, strength and love. He has such a sweet spirit. We are constantly praying for you and Jack's recovery. May God continue to give you comfort and peace during a difficult time. We send all our love.
Charlie and Michelle
Anonymous said…
Heavenly Father, we know that, even with all these people who love Jack, you love him most of all. Please help him to mend quickly, so that he can move past all this pain and nausea. Help him not to become discouraged. Please give him enough healing each day that he can hope, and know that he will get well.

And be with DJ and Sophie. It will be harder for them now, because they know now how sick Jack is. Please give them peace and hope, too, and assurance that Jack will get well and come back home and back to his own, real, healthy self.

And please comfort Tammy and Rob, and all of Jack's family. Give them hope and confidence too, and help them visualize the day that Jack will be completely well, more well than before, since that troublesome tumor is gone.

Bless us all and make our sadness draw us closer to you.

Anthony Parker said…
Dear Marcelaine family,
I had a look at your blogsite today at the recommendation of Denise Waldrop, an old friend from Birmingham. As I read your news and looked at Jack's pictures, I knew that this could be my six year old, and how much it would mean to me to know others were praying.
I have prayed for him tonight from Ghana, West Africa -- where we are currently "refugees" from our mission work in Togo.
By the way, I was a member at Southern Hills in my grad school days (1987-93), and its been good to see comments from some familiar names.
God bless,
Anthony Parker
Scott & Sandy Ferguson said…
We continue to lift all of you to the Lord of all Healing and Comfort. We celebrate the progress made thus far and petition that it continue, even faster. We prayed for you in our Bible Class today in Temple and will continue to do so.

Love you all.
Boone Family said…
Rob and Tammy,

I just finished reading your update and I'm so sorry Jack is not feeling well. We will send extra prayers to Heaven for a better day tomorrow!

Jack, you hang in there. You're getting stronger and better each and every day! DJ and Sophie, you hang in there too! You're brother will be home soon and you can all be together again.

We pray that you'll continue to stay strong for one another and be patient throughout the day.

Lots of love and prayers!
James, Teri, Brittany and Ashlee

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