April 27, 2005

Surgical Update

Not much news, but we're all ready to hear SOMETHING! Surgery started at about noon, so they are about 4 hours into it. They spent some time putting in a shunt for drainage, then went to work on the tumor, where they still are. I got no prediction about estimated time of completion -- you'll be the first 500 people to know when I know! :-)

Keep praying, keep posting, keep blessing!
Psalm 73:28 "But as for me, it is good to be near God."


Anonymous said...

Now we will "wait upon the Lord". Just wanted to tell you that Dave has his classmates at Fuller praying for Jack, so he is lifted up in many languages and by people of many nations. We love you. We wait with you, though from a distance, very near in heart and Spirit.
Love and blessings and fervent prayer,
Karise, Dave, Keely & KInlie

Anonymous said...

I think it's a wonderful thing that you're doing. Thank you so much for the updates. They are blessed to have you for a friend.
Still praying!!!
Belton, Tx

Pat White said...

Please dear Lord, Abba Father

Hear the voices of your people and heal Jack. Hold Jack and his family close as they wait. Steady the hands of Dr. Price and the surgical team. Grant us all who wait, to sense your peace and control over everything. Holy Spirit, wing the prayers that we are unable to utter because our throats are tight and our hearts are sore with pleading. Sweet Saviour Jesus, you know, yes you know how we feel. Plead with the father as we wait. In your name Christ Jesus. AMEN

Anonymous said...

We are holding you and Jack close to our hearts as we lift your whole family up in prayer. The Lord is good and His strength will see you through.

May God bless you and Jack!
Tye, A'Lisa, Brandon, Ashlynn and Corbet Brooks

jana beck said...

What an amazing blessing to have some way to get news without spending time worrying if I am justified in bothering Rob and Tammy. Thank you Sarah! Your words are like rain in the dessert.

Jack, You are our little buddy. We want you to be well and are praying for you to have peace while you wait.
Richard, Jana, Brenden, and Aidan

Boone Family said...


Thank you for creating this website. It's a blessing and comfort to be able to come to it without having to bother the family.

Rob, Tammy and family...we're still praying. All day I've been stopping to hold you up in prayer. I hope you are feeling at peace right now. Jack, you will feel so much better in a few more days...just hang in there little buddy!

Much love and blessings!
The Boone Family
James, Teri, Brittany, Ashlee
Abilene, Texas

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, and especially Jack at this time. May God hold you in the palm of His hand, bless the hands of the surgeons who are removing the tumor, and heal your precious, little son. What a blessing it is to be able to share our thoughts, encouraging words, and love via computer! Thank you for the updates. Love to you and yours! Elesa & Bob

Anonymous said...

Rob & Tammy,
As we get ready to go to Manna and More at church tonight, Brittany and Ashley are remembering that we saw Jack there last week and asked if we could join him at his table. It was so sweet to share that meal with him and tonight as we share a meal with our Christian brothers and sisters we will lift Jack and all your family up in prayer.
Shellie, Brittany & Ashley Smyser
Abilene, TX

Anonymous said...

Just know how much we love you all and we're in prayer for you. May the outcome bring glory to our God.
Jim and Denise