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Anonymous said…
Hi Tammie, Rob, and Jack,
You are forcing me to become even more computer savy. It has only taken me all week to figure this out. We are praying for you to have a good day today and wanting you to know we are missing you all. Joshua ask every day if Jack is home yet. Be sure to tell DJ we will sure miss him in baseball today. I just wanted to tell you Tammy that you have been a smile in my life while in Abilene. Kim C.
Amber Joy said…
Too cute.
Anonymous said…
There's those big beautiful blues that we are all anxiously waiting to hug. Hang in there buddy you are the bravest little boy I know. You too mom and dad and grandmother. Hope you time with Sophie and DJ is sweet. Constantly lifting you up to be quickly be in the comforts of your home here in Abilene.
Anonymous said…
I wanted to send my gratitude to all of the wonderful people in Abilene and all over the world who love my family so much. Your kindness, generosity and love runneth over and covers my dear, sweet family and myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support and prayers. They are felt.

I have always known that I have the greatest family. When I am away from them my heart aches to be near them.

My Robby, what a man you are. You are THE example of a Godly, humble, kind, generous, hard-working, devoted, obedient servant. You give without having for yourself. You put others before you. You know I love you, but do you know how much? Words will never describe.

My dearest Tammy, You are the mother I admire and strive to be. How would I parent without your advice I constantly seek, your loving guidance and your perfect example. You give so much to so many without asking in return. As I sit at your desk your prayer list reads, "Letting Christ's light shine through." Check that one of, dear one. It's accomplished. We see Jesus in you.

My amazing mother, You are a pillar of strength yet so delicate and beautiful. Your kindness, patience and generostiy truly has no end. Your love is completely unconditional. You support us through everything. You give us your all. I admire you.

My loving Dad, I know how difficult it has been to be so far away. We love you and miss you so very much. You are a wonderful father and a great friend. You would give anyone the shirt off your back. You are kind to everyone you meet and you speak with such clever wit and know how to make a stranger feel special. If I'm ever stranded on an island I want you there to take care of me and then to make me laugh.

Kind Tom, Thank you for the love you give mom and all of us. You bring such delight to all of our kids. You open your home to me on my long visits. You take care of us in need. I am so thankful you are in our lives. We love you.

My sweet-face, blue-eyed Jack. You are precious. Your light will shine on an on and reaches all of the corners of the earth and heavens. Battle on, warrior. You are fighting hard. And though you are struggling, you are winning the war for Jesus, bringing so many to pray and to believe. Jesus is going the the Father on your behalf and you will be healed. Your testimony will forever change the lives of so many. Your name is on the heart of thousands. We long to carry your pain for you. I can't wait to see our silly Jack and to hear your sweet voice.

DJ and Sophie, What special children you are!! I am honored to be with you. You are Godly, obedient children. You do what you're told without a 2nd reminder! You are rays of sun through the dark clouds. You bring me joy. I love to hear Sophie sing and watch her dance. Thank you for sharing your things with Lauren. You are a great cousin. DJ you are so nurturing to Lauren and Zach. You are so funny and we love your goofiness. I love the 3 of you like I love my own children.

Last week Tammy printed an Everyday Blessing. It reads, "You have a God who hears you, the power of love behind you, the Holy Spirit within you, and all of heaven ahead of you."

My constant prayers and love are with you,
Anonymous said…
Dear Tamara,
Well, I just cried and cried reading your sweet note.Every word was the truth. I would like to thank YOU for taking care of things in Abilene. Not many people would put their own lives on hold to help someone else the way that you have. You are also an example of the grace and compassion of Jesus Christ.As the song says "Every blessing you pour out,I turn back to praise". You have to turned the blessings of your life into a fragrant offering for the Lord. We are praying God's blessings on you and your sweet babies. I hope to see you sometime soon!
Anonymous said…
Dear Tammy, Rob, Jack, DJ, Sophie, Tom & Elaine,

We love you! We want to hug you and pray together, holding hands.I hope today is a better day than the last. We miss you.
Henry Nouwen said, "If there is any posture which disturbs a suffering man or woman, it is aloofness." Well, you have no cause for being disturbed! We are all aching with you, rejoicing with you, seeking healing with you. As we read over this blog again, tears of sorrow and praise pour out. We are so grateful to God for what He has done, and will do. We are so grateful for everyone who is praying and hoping with you. And we are thankful for you, a beautiful family, dedicated to the Lord and His people.We are proud to call you both our physical family, and our spiritual family. We continue to lift you to the Father of all good things. We love you.
"O, Lord, the God who saves me, day and night I cry out before you. May my prayer come before you; turn your ear to my cry." Psalm 88 Praise you Father for your listening ear, for choosing to hear us, when we are so small in the universe. Praise you for the blood of your Son, our path to you. Please heal Jack swiftly and completely. Praise you for the miracles you have already worked in him. Praise you for the faith of his family. Hold tight to Tammy, Rob, DJ, Jack, Sophie, Tom & Elaine, the doctors, nurses, everyone. Send your mighty Holy Spirit out; rushing like an army to save us. Heal our hearts of hurt and doubt and fear. Give us your peace and rest.
"Oh, Lord, God Almighty, who is like you? You are mighty, Oh, Lord, and your faithfulness surrounds you." Psalm 89:8 Thank you, Father. We love you.

Love & HOPE & Faith & Peace to you,
David, Karise, Keely & Kinlie
Jacki Hathorn said…
Hey Tammy,
Wonderful picture of your sweet Jack! Met Tamara this morning and we have all the senior picture stuff taken care of. Not another thought about it! Everything is under control and can wait until you bring your little family home. Jack hang in there and keep fighting! We are praying hard for you! Love, Howard, Jacki, Michelle & Nathan
Anonymous said…
Tamara, No one will ever be able to look at all the pieces and see how they worked together during this unforgetable week...not the least being that you were already scheduled to be in town and have a loving, servant heart to step right up and do what needs to be done. God alone is able to work out the details. And He has done so!

Your words to your family started the water works going again. We pray that everyone being together today has brought many smiles amidst the tears of the week. We pray that Jack's tongue has improved and he will soon be able to eat and talk normally.

Our prayers continue for each of you as each hurdle is faced and conquered. Love, Mary Sue and Foy
Anonymous said…
Yesterday I was at Frontier Texas at my now 5 yo nephew's birthday party. Several times during the evening I kept thinking about the many times I've seen Jack at church with his shorts and cowboy boots on. It always makes me smile. I look foward to that sight again soon. Love to you all
Brenda Polston
Anonymous said…
Well, it's Sunday morning and we're getting ready for W.A.T.S. It made me think that yall are being the sermon right now to everyone in the hospital, that reads this blog, that hears of Jack's tumor and your faithfulness, the list goes on and on. I hope you know that yall, Rob and Tammy, are the sermon EVERY day. Love you and I'm gonna miss delivering lemonade together

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations for ever and ever! Amen. Eph 3:20-21
Anonymous said…
Rob, Tammie & Elaine,
The pictures are beautiful! If I just saw Jack on the street I think I would know who his father is, he is a little Rob! I love it!Erin and I keep up w/things daily and are praying constantly for Jack. For you guys also. I know it has to be hard seeing your little guy in bed, but know he is being lifted up daily. I love you all so much and miss seeing your faces but you are in my thoughts lots. We had great times together in N.M.
Tamara, what a beautiful note you wrote to and about each one of your family. It speaks as much about you as them. i love you.
You are a special family, the evidence is all around you by the people who are reaching out to you in your time of need. I hope you feel the love and prayers. God has blessed us all through the ties we have with Him and each other.
Shirley, Lubbock

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