April 28, 2005

From Tammy

Jack woke up today, not feeling great. I was glad to see him get some more morphine. He is in quite alot of pain, and doesn't want to move too much. He is still doing what the Dr's ask. Moving this and that. Trying to open his big beautiful blue eyes as much as he can. Dr. Rubel, the Neurosurgeon who does the morning rounds came by this morning and checked on Jack. He had him do the typical check up at this point, then said goodbye Jack. Jack in all of his sweetness who didn't even have his eyes open and really can't speak, lifted his arm and waved goodbye.

Jack's hurdle today is that because of the gravity during surgery his mouth which was facing down as they were working on the back of his head was open. His tongue hung down, filled with fluid and is swollen. It won't fit inside his mouth and he doesn't like that. He is not real aware of anything, but he definately doesn't like the feeling. Because of his tongue, they will either put a tube down his nose and give him real food today, or keep his iv's as being his main source of nutrition.

To all the wonderful people who are praying, and trying prayer for the first time for our son. Thank You. God loves us so, and I saw a cross in the gift shop yesterday that referred to We are fearfully and wonderfully made, that gave me encouragement because I thought even with this tumor and all that has gone on with Jack and his health, he is wonderfully made. I already knew that, but it made me realize that Jack is God's workmanship, made by him, on loan to this earth and gifted to Rob and I. And God knowsand has known just what Jack was and is and is to come. I thank you all for lifting our son and family to the Master Creator in the sky. Each time I think of all the love sent our way I am reminded of God's perfect love and the people who are Jesus with skin on right now to us. You are amazing. Thank you Sarah for this information highway. I am so grateful for you, the queen of blogging. To our family all over the world, Rob's father in Krgystan, who is having to deal with this so far away, our family in Arizona, from California to New York and all over the world. Thank you. To our family at Southern Hills Church of Christ, I am crying now. I am so grateful for your service to our family, taking care of my sister in law, who is taking care of DJ and Sophie. You are such a blessing to us.
4/28/2005 10:47 AM


Anonymous said...

Tammy, even and especially through all of this you are a Light of Christ to me! Thank you and God Bless!

Pat White said...

Tammy and Rob

I do hope that you got some rest last night. Thanks you so much for setting a great example of untiring love and devotion to your sweet son Jack. My prayers for you today will center on comfort, ease of pain, and continued sweet interactions with your son. The hours have been long, I know. I pray the time of healing and recovery is swift for Jack.

Your church family at Southern Hills misses all of you so much. Be at peace today knowing that if you are weary, so many continue to lift your sweet family up to the Father of comfort, campassion, and healing. You know, all of us who do this (pray) recieve comfort compassion, and healing as well.

Much love and blessings to all,

Pat White

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack,
You are so brave! We are so proud of you for working so hard at getting well. You have the best Mommy & Daddy & Doctors. We can't wait to see you this Summer and play with you at the lake. We miss you and love you. We told Jesus thank you for taking care of you!
Love & hugs,
Keely & Kinlie Gililland

Anonymous said...

Tammy and Crew,

Thanks for being such a great example to all of us with your faith. I know it is hurting all of you to see Jack in pain. I will be praying that the medicine will work and he can some rest to heal. I pray that you all will be able to sleep tonight so you guys don't get down. God is the great healer. Stay strong little Jack.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the progress and the blessings to come. We are still praying and always mindful of you. We love you so much. You said that Jack is a gift to you, but I know that you & Rob are God's gift to Jack.
We love you. Hugs & Prayers,
David , Karise, Keely & Kinlie

PS Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Sarah for setting this up.We check it all day long! You are wonderful!

Scottye Bourland said...

Marcelain Family you are my HEROES!
I don't know how anybody could get through a situation as yours without the love and comfort of God, Jesus, & The Holy Spirit. You all have been the perfect example to the world of hope, and belief in the Greatest Physician! My prayers of peace, comfort, recovery, and love are with you daily. My prayers of knowledge, compassion, and manners are with your doctors daily.
Although we don't know you personally, you have touched our hearts.
Psalm 67:1
"May God be gracious to us and bless us and make His face shine upon us."
In Jesus' name, Amen

Anonymous said...

Rob and Tammy,

I am Bill Kirkpatrick's niece, Sharon Winkler. I live in Garland, so he called and told me of your visit to Children's. I came by yesterday, but apparently you had just left for lunch, so I left a gift for you with the lady behind the desk in the 11th floor waiting room. Just wanted you to know there are many brothers and sisters in Christ from the congregation at Saturn Road who are also lifting you and your son up in prayer before our gracious Father. I hope to get by there and actually meet you and Jack soon. Keeping those prayers going!

Anonymous said...

Dear Marcelain Clan,

Your love and outpouring of the fruit of the Spirit is reaching much farther than you'll ever know. Tammy, you are a constant spotlight in my walk with the Southern Hills family, and I can't tell you how excited I am to love your entire family as a part of your shepherding group. My emotions are laden with prayers and tears for all of you. There is joy in my heart knowing that the most capable hands are holding on to Jack -- his heavenly Father has infinite angels granting his precious heart a peace and innocence we'll never comprehend.
Thankful to be His,
Christy Cate

Anonymous said...

Dear Marcelain family:

We are so grateful to God for bringing Jack through the surgery so successfully. We will continue to pray for and think of each of you and hope you feel all of the love that is being sent your way. We know God will continue to surround you with His peace and His grace. We will continue to pray for Jack's recovery. Please let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do for you or for your family still here in Abilene. May God bless your family.

Much Love,
Clay, Melissa, Jonah & Ethan Bulls

Anonymous said...

Tammy, I'm so glad you were able to write to us. Hearing your "voice" is a comfort. I'm thanking God today that Jack has now come through the surgery, that this is behind him and he is beginning his recovery. The urgent prayers now, of course, are for that recovery to continue as it should over the next four days. But, bless his heart, I also pray that his mouth will heal quickly so that he'll be more comfortable in that way. He doesn't know all the concerns we have. He just knows he doesn't feel good, and I pray that will begin to change soon, and that he will feel this as a direct encouragement from God. With much love, Gay

solymosy said...

Tammy and Rob--

We are so, so, so happy that Jack has come through the surgery and the night like the sweet, strong trooper that he is. We love you all and miss you. Aaron misses Jack so much, but he was happy to meet Aunt Tamra today and to hear that Jack is resting. Please know that many, many people are praying for Jack and that the power of prayer truly works. We love you!

Anonymous said...

Tammy and Rob,
My prayer for Jack taken from Psalm 91.
Jack will dwell in the shelter of the Most High. Jack will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. He will save Jack from all harm and from all disease. He will cover Jack with His feathers, and under His wings Jack will find refuge. He will command his angels concerning Jack to guard him in all his ways.
Jack, because you love the LORD,
He will rescue you.
He will protect you.
He will answer you.
He will be with you in trouble.
He will deliver you and honor you.
He will satisfy you with long life and show you His salvation.


Anonymous said...

Glad to "hear" something about what your day is going like. I know that you are all weary. Try to get sleep when you can. We are praying for you all.
Jeff and Rebecca Leggett

Amber Joy said...

Dearest Marcelains,
I've been truly touched by the support you've received from the body of Christ all over the world. We are all praying for Jack and his quick recovery. The blood of Christ heals ALL wounds (even swollen tongues). Hang in there, Jack! You're doing great!

R.O.B. said...

Love ya Sister! Think'in & Pray'in about you all.

Rob Gililland and Family

dixie mcleod said...

Tammy: The post made my cry and smile all at once--I remember our Christmas time together at the Lake House--indeed Jack IS fearfully and wonderfully made--and all BOY! God is an incredible craftsman!! :-) PRAISE GOD!! May your spirits continue to be refreshed by all of the intercessions to the Father. May joy of HIS presence be your companion...truly Jack's name is engraved not only upon the hands of God; but also upon HIS heart. Prayers continue at Christ Covenant for Jack's total recovery!! Dixie & Tom

N.J.L. said...

To Jack & family;

I spent the night last night with the Strickland triplets. Their mother mentioned you this morning on our ride into Abilene. I want you to know that my brother and I are now praying for all of you. God is your Creator and He will take care of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcelains!
I hope you're breathing a little easier today and that you got some much needed rest last night. I pray that Jack will heal quickly. Sounds like he's responding well to all of the "right" things right now. May God continue to heal him and give all of you (Rob, Tammy, Elaine, Tom, et al) reassurance, comfort, rest, and a sense of His presence that all is going to be well. We ARE ALL fearfully and wonderfully made by a wonderful Creator! God bless and keep you safe in His arms! We love you and continue to pray for you!
Gwen White

Anonymous said...

Rob and Tammy,
I've been in prayer and thought about you, Jack, Elaine and Tom all day. My heart has been heavy for you knowing the burdens you carry for your little Jack. May God continue to bless you with strength and comfort as you walk this journey. And may you always know that you are not alone. You have the great spirit of comfort in your hearts and His family surrounds you. Jack is in our prayers for continued healing without complications. Hopefully he'll be able to eat soon. :)
It was my privelege to be with y'all yesterday. You have beautiful hearts. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tammy and Rob,

We love you and miss you and most of all are praying (with so many others!) for all of you. I would love to see you and hug you as would many others. I am so glad Jack is responding to you and others.

Derek and Sophie seem well and happy. They are looking forward to seeing you guys! Tamara is so kind. What a blessing to have her here.

A side note: John and I had a good friend when we were in college who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He also had surgery. (His incision was larger than a bandaid could cover!) Many people also prayed for him. We were all concerned about what the future would hold for him. Well, he married the girl who stood by him through the surgery. He is a physician who specializes in radiology and practices in the Temple area!

We are honored to stand by you in this trial. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Karene, John, Nathan and Natalie

Anonymous said...


You bring tears to my eyes every time I read your update and I have read it several times! I can only imagine what you and your family are feeling, but there is one thing I know. God is already using you as you go through this to minister to those around you... the medical staff, the other parents who are there experiencing similar illnesses with their children. You have such a sweet spirit and it shows even in this valley you are going through. We will continue to pray for peace for you, Rob, and Elaine as you are there with him, and for Jack's healing, especially the next 72 hours (they said the first 96 were "fairly critical for his little punkin' head", 24 are almost over!!)

We love you!!!
Connie Chrane

Anonymous said...

Dear Marcelain's

We continue to lift your family up to our Father. We pray that you all get the much needed rest and we continue to pray for Jack to have a quick recovery. Praise God!

The Seidensticker's
Kendall, Donna, Melissa, & Michael

Adam Hester said...

Rob and Tammy,
Just wanted you to know our family continues in prayer for you. We're so glad to know about this blog so we can quit bugging Jana Beck for info.
We love you,
Adam and Donna

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack:

We believe in miracles. I know your folks do too. You have to believe for God to heal your body.

Love, Betty and Larry Copeand

Anonymous said...

Tammy Marcelain writes -
Today has not been easy for Jack. He is hurting, and not talking yet. I know that he knows what's going on around him, but that swollen tongue is keeping him from eating, drinking, talking and laughing. I hope that the swelling will decrease soon. He had his mri today, no results yet. He couldn't eat, so they put a line down his nose into his stomach and fed him pediasure, he didn't tolerate it, so they have gone ahead and started giving him iv food again. It has been so hard watching him hurt and not be able to help. I thank God for the last hour we have had, because Elaine and I started singing children's worship songs to him, after we sang one, we didn't know if we were hurting his ears or if he liked it, so we said give us the thumbs up sign if you want another song. His thumbs immediately began wiggling. So we sang, and we sang, and ....when we got to This Little Light Of Mine, he must have liked it, because we got to "all around the neighborhood I am going to let it shine" both of his arms that have splint like things on them with tubes everywhere and wires everywhere, shot up and started circling with the song. Both Elaine and I looked at him, and tears started flowing. It was like his first step. We were so excited. So we sang and sang some more. Every time we were trying to decide what to sing, he would lift his arms and start circling. So we would start this little light again. I think he likes that one best because even though his eyes are closed and he can't move alot, he can move his arms, so he feels like he is participating in the song. Praise God for that glimpse of a light at the end of the tunnel.
Donnie Carroll, from church, came today and delivered well over one hundred cards and pictures, toys, and all sorts of fun stuff. We have read him many of the cards, and they have made us laugh and cry. The children have done a great job sending their greetings to Jack.
By the way Jack received a stuffed bull dog from Hutton, Tyler, Zack and Joshua, and that was the animal he chose to take to surgery with him yesterday. He really likes it.
You all have been so generous to us. We don't have words to express, but our hearts are overflowing with gratitude.
And Aaron, Jack asked before surgery when can he go to your house to play again. So he is looking forward to being with you.
Love to you all. As Jack says "MAHALO".

Anonymous said...

God is good all the time! Rob and Tammy - I know God's glory is shining through you in all of this. You both are such a tremendous example to the rest of us. Morgan, Emily and I are praying for you all each day. We do love you all and truly are thinking of you each moment. Love you to all,
Yvonne Akens

Anonymous said...

I was touched by your "this little light" story. I hope that Jack knows at some level that this is what he is doing-- letting his little light shine!

Love, Gay

Eloise Anderson said...

Hi dear Tammy, Rob, Elaine, D.J. Sophie and especially, Jack.
We have been following all your reports, and our prayers are always with you all. We may be a long way away here in Australia, but we know love has no boundaries, so we will continually send our love and our prayers to you all.
All our love, Eloise and all her family God Bless you all!