April 27, 2005

On a Personal Note. . .

I have tried to be simply a 'relayer of information' here, but now that I know that Rob and Tammy have access to this, allow me a moment to speak directly to them:

Dearest friends -- First, I'm already bawling like a baby reading all of the precious prayers lifted up for Jack. I am so thankful for your faith and the faith and prayers of all of the warriors who are encompassing your family in prayer. I truly mean encompassing -- from New York to California! I know that YOU don't want my cruddy cough and drippy nose in your waiting room with you today, but I am truly grieving that I can't be there with you. (Since we haven't been able to speak on the phone, you don't know how BAD I sound. I told Donnie Carroll on the phone yesterday that you didn't need me around you -- he said, "It doesn't sound like ANYBODY needs to be around you!" Good point. Luv ya, Donnie! :-) I know I am not at all alone to say that you both have been the hands and feet of Jesus to my family on so many occasions, I wanted an opportunity to do that for you. Know that all day today I will be praying for each of you -- the doctors, the nurses, Jack, everyone waiting. I pray that a peace beyond all understanding settles on you. Again, I want so desperately to be there with you, but God wants me here on my knees! I love you both!

And, Tammy, -- this is WAY off the subject and somewhat goes with your scale story. Remember that I wanted to wait until this week to have our pics made b/c I wanted to lose a few pounds first? Well, now I'm just hoping my eyes aren't red and swollen shut and there is nothing dripping out of my nose! God really hates vanity, doesn't he? :-) I miss you so much! Praying lots!


Anonymous said...

We are in prayer for you and everyone who is involved in Jack's surgery. Please know that you are loved and we are "disturbing God" on your behalf!

We will continue to pray for healing and for peace as you go through all of this!

We love you,
The Chrane family
Abilene, TX

Anonymous said...

I woke up early this morning and have been in constant prayer for Dr. Price and Jack. I also asked Brittany and Ashlee to keep your sweet baby in their prayers throughout the day.

Even though we're not there with you, please know our love and concern is being poured your way! I will pray specifically for peace as you wait. I know hours will seem like they are only going by in minutes. May you be at peace and have patience as the surgery unfolds.

We love you!
The Boone Family
Abilene, Texas

jana beck said...

Sweetest friends,
I can hardly even write this. You know what I am feeling after we spoke on the phone yesterday. I'm glad the holy spirit can interpret for me in my prayers because they sound exactly the same way.
I love you. I love you. I love you.

Glen & Marelyn Shedd said...

Rob, Tammy, D.J., Little Sophie & Elaine:

We are continuing to pray for all of you every day, and especially for little Jack. Glad he got to go see the trains. (Probably a nice break for all of you).

We miss you guys. We are continuing to pray that God will provide you with peace, patience and His presence every day. Love you all. The Shedd Family