April 10, 2009

Black Friday

All my pics here I grabbed from Wikipedia which is chock full of info. Really there are no words for today. Some faiths refer to it as Good Friday and some Black Friday, I think the latter is more appropriate. Today is the day that Jesus took the sins of the world upon Himself and was beaten, spit upon and made to carry His cross to be crucified in front of those that hated Him and those that loved Him so dearly. The eyes of His mother Mary were filled with streaming tears I would imagine when Jesus tells John that Mary is now his mother, and then tells Mary, John is now her son. He was taking care of His mama. The women who loved and supported Him were there and His beloved disciple John. Not too long after those words were uttered, he would say "It is finished." The three words that sent Satan writhing for he was truly defeated, Jesus was victor.
I am reminded of Narnia when Aslan willingly turns himself over to be killed, and then when explaining to Lucy after he rises from the dead he tells her of a love so great that the white witch can not understand and she is defeated through Aslans love.

On the blackest Friday these are the images we remember, truthfully I like to then move right on to Sunday in my head, purposely not to dwell on the pain this day holds for the Christ, but this is the day that my sin made necessary. I might be better served to take in Black Friday and realize that my sin became Christ's burden on the cross. So as much as I want to say to myself, Sunday is around the corner, today I will think of the gift of sacrifice that Christ made for me.

Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss.

In this picture, Pilot with Christ

Christ carrying the cross