April 27, 2009

Compassion in India

Monday. Compassion International has sent another group of bloggers overseas, this time to India to see what an impact Compassion International is having on the children's lives who are being sponsored. Many familiar names are over there, several of the blogs that I visit pretty regularly. All are listed on the India Trip page on Compassion here.

Angie Smith (Bring The Rain and married to one of the band members in Selah), Anne Jackson (Flowerdust.net), Melissa Fitzpatrick (Beth Moore's daughter, LPM Blog) were the names I was familiar with. This has been a difficult couple of days with the travel and apparently there is record heat in India right now, they stepped off the plane to 120 degree heat. Some are having tummy troubles and some completely overwhelmed, please join me in prayer for them as they journey through this next week sharing their experiences and most importantly sharing the children, their faces, smiles, hardships and blessings.

The first thing the bloggers did was to visit Mother Teresa's grave and then to her dwelling. Of course that just made me cry. We sponsor Stella Akitini from Uganda but I am certain that I will add another child to our list by the time this week is out. $32 changes the life of a child, school, medicine, programs for them to be involved in. One of the video's on Anne Jackson's blog at Flowerdust.net showed a precious little boy who had never had a dream for himself. The tour guide told the bloggers that children in India don't have any dreams, it is something that is not even on their radar. Compassion gives the children the ability to have a dream.

Here is an exert from Angie Smith's blog.

We went to the first Compassion project today and I can't begin to tell you how it affected me. I have been mulling this post over, praying, asking the Lord to give me the words I can't find. There are so many stories I want to share, so many things God allowed me to experience, and it has challenged me in a beautiful way.

It has been really easy for me to stay out of the water in a lot of ways, and my own cynicism has kept me safe there. But today, as we stood in a house made of bamboo and clay bricks and watched a woman tell us how Compassion had changed their lives, something in my soul settled.

As we left the second house, I got a couple pictures of the family and I fought back tears as her father adjusted her name tag to make sure her Compassion information was showing.

She had a name.

Compassion International is more than what I imagined. More than my mind would have let me believe. More than I can express to you in this moment of exhaustion. I can't wait to share stories of the people we meet and some of the things we have done, but tonight (or, morning? afternoon?), I will leave you with this image of the before and after. (to see the image click over to her blog)

For more information or to sponsor a child click here.