Boo Mama on Jack Bauer's Threads

It's a busy week. I am working on a wedding album, which is turning out so lovely. I can't wait to send the proof over to the bride for her to o.k. before I send it off to be printed. Because of that...I have no coherent thoughts right now except when it comes to frames, kisses, hearts, backgrounds and cute little doodlebugs dressed up in tuxedo's.

I did however step away from photoshop so I wouldn't start seeing it in my sleep...oh, way too late for that ; ) and was catching up on some blogs. If I can't write anything worth writing maybe I can read something worth sending you over to. Most everyone already knows Sophie who is really "Boo Mama" she is a southern blogger who is full of southern wit and wisdom. Even though most of my days I was raised closer to the west, when I moved back to Texas I felt like I was home. It just felt right. All that said, when I read Boo Mama who is from the deeper South than Texas I wish I could be as witty as she ; ) So today all I have for you is her take on how to dress like Jack Bauer. She was checking her referrals to her blog and apparently those were the key words. So she decided to tackle the how to dress like Jack Bauer topic, just incase someone out there really wants to know. If you are a 24 fan you will laugh, if you are not, you might not.

Now back to my regularly scheduled programming...photoshop.


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