April 01, 2009

Landry and a rabbit trail.

Wednesday morning. All of our visiting family has made or is making their way home. It is always nice for cousins to hang out, and spend time together.


I don't watch very much news, the Today show is about the extent, and then a bit of our local news some nights. When I happen to leave KACU on (like I did yesterday) and it turns to the an in depth state of the economy before I dawns on me to turn the station I always regret it. I like that I am not consumed with the state of the economy, we have lost a huge chunk of retirement just like everyone else, but really God is my retirement. The day I put my hope in what my Edward Jones statement says over God's promises is the day I need to repent. God's plans for me and my family are bigger than any retirement account. It is part of the adventure of being a Christ follower, God is in control, His plan is unbelievably amazing and I am holding on tight to Him, not my money. One of the memorable lines in Same Kind of Different As Me, is when Ron had picked Denver up off the streets and took him to Starbucks on the urging of his wife to befriend the homeless man. Denver looked at the keychain that Ron threw down on the table and asked if he owned something that belonged to each one of his keys, Ron said he did, then Denver said, "Are you sure those things don't own you?" I wonder how many people have allowed the state of their retirement or their current possessions to have authority over their moods, their happiness, their joy?


Derek's toes are healing, it is a 4-5 week process, but each day is a bit better.


I read on Landry's care page yesterday that she has started with OT and PT, the hospital is preparing her schedule to be moved to one of the transitional floors where she will have more opportunities to have a regular schedule. When the Physical Therapist was working out Landry's arms and legs, Shannon commented on the care page that Landry seemed to get a bit mad and was fighting it a bit, the therapists were encouraged by that. Any noises that she makes are helpful, and battling against the therapy helps with strength issues. Please pray for Landry's family, it is very difficult to sit at your child's bedside and not have them look in your eyes or talk with you like they did just 2 weeks ago. It is a process, healing is taking place it is just slower than everyone wants. Landry will have a spinal tap later this week to check to see if any cancer had spread to her spine, then she is scheduled to start daily radiation treatments for 6 weeks towards the end of April I think.


I received a beautiful note and gift in the mail this week from one of my sweet wedding clients, I photographed their wedding a couple of months ago. She lives in England now and had to ship overseas to send me the wonderful note and two books, Dinner With A Perfect Stranger by David Gregory and Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. Select words from Mere Christianity were read at their wedding so it is a special book for them, and as I always seem to talk about books with other book lovers she had told me about "Dinner..." and wanted to make sure I had my own copy. I am truly blessed to be in the business I am in.