April 02, 2009

The Wind, Not Happy with Kohl's

Thursday morning. Twitter is a flutter with all this crazy wind in Abilene today. I drove the kids to school this morning and noticed that the trash man will have an easy day of it as most trash cans are not standing and the trash has exited the can and has greeted the neighbors 5 miles away, on their lawns and in their tree's.


Landry Robinson's testing is today to see if the cancer in her brain had spread to her spine. Please be in prayer over Landry and her family.


Not loving the new Kohl's ad campaign. Wondering how they picked their new go to girl, hmmm, here's a hint, drugs, alcohol, shaved her head last year,.... If I asked myself who I would like my tween daughter looking to for fashion it would not be the model in the upcoming ad campaign. Vicki Courtney has all the info on this subject on her blog.
The media is bent on turning our girls into sexualized beings at a very young age, our money talks.

I wrote a short email to the customer service dept. the email address and info can be found on Vicki's blog. Here is the response I received.

Dear Valued Customer:

Thank you for contacting Kohl's about our selection of Britney Spears as the 2009 Candie's Girl. We regret that you have concerns regarding this decision.

Ms. Spears is an international celebrity and pop culture icon who embodies the spirit of the Candie's brand and personifies the iconic Candie's Girl; self confident and stylish. We respect Ms. Spears' right to privacy, and her personal life does not reflect the views of Kohl's Department Stores.

It is not our intent to offend our customers, and your feedback will be shared with Kohl's Executives for future decisions. We value the opinions of all our customers and appreciate you taking the time to contact us.

The note was nicely written, but I am not sure that I would put all my marbles in the jar that the personal life of the model in the windows of their stores and throughout the store will not reflect on them. That's a big gamble when people are closing their wallets anyway to simplify in our economy.

I can remember watching ER when it first started, can't wait to see how they finish the series tonight.


Melene said...

Good for you writing that letter to Kohl's!

I can't wait to see how they end ER tonight either, but I am going to miss the show.

I have had enough of wind, too!

Mrs. Tracy said...

I just may write a letter too. Maybe if everyone who red your blog will..maybe then they will see that a change is in order. I can't believe how everything is practically pornography anymore.