April 16, 2009

Oreo The Naughty Hamster

Tomorrow is the last lesson on Esther by Beth Moore. It has been a great study and has blessed many. I look forward to our Summer Daytime Study which will be a 6 week study from the Deeper Still Conference last year. The lessons are brought by Priscilla Shirer, Kay Arthur and Beth Moore. The study is based on King David. I asked for the audio cd's on these lessons for Christmas and have listened to them several times. It is an excellent study.


I ordered my first Chicago Cub's shirt this week. My husband was VERY pleased. I can't wait to receive it and start wearing it.
Rob's dad sent Rob and Derek the new Cutler Jersey yesterday. They each put them on immediately and wore them to church last night. They are HAPPY Campers.


Now to the case of the Naughty Hamster. I have spoken of our little rodent, I mean hamster on here before. My kids used their own money to buy the original cage, hamster, bedding and food. I gave into their longing for a little critter. Oreo has been with us what seems like atleast a year, probably close to it. We are on our 3rd cage. The first fell a part, the wheel broke and Oreo needed his exercise. After a month or two managing a broken cage Rob went to the Pet Shop and purchased a new cage. It was metal and there is no way that Oreo was going to nibble through metal. The problem with that cage was that it had no real covering on the sides, so being the smart Hamster that Oreo is, why would he want to mess up his cage when it was so easy to use the facilities outside the cage, once I figured that out I quickly went back to the Pet Shop and purchased a cage with sides all around. I thought I had finally found the answer.

At this point Oreo is secure and firm in Jack's heart. The rest of us would be good with Oreo living the dream, setting him free in the country. He would love it I am sure. But because Jack is emotionally attached to Oreo we are trying to make our cohabitation work with the nibbling hamster.

Over the last week we noticed that Oreo had some extra bedding in his cage. None of us had spoken about this out loud, but all noticed. I thought Jack had set a paper to close to the cage and Oreo had pulled it in and made it part of his bed. Last night Rob calls me into the bathroom to look in the tub, as this is where Oreo goes at night so we can close the door and it cuts down on the nocturnal noise that keeps us all awake. Rob shows me that Oreo is out of his cage, roaming around in the bathtub and chewing on our shower curtain. Apparently Oreo has figured out how to open the latch on the top level of his cage, wandering out to the tub, searching for nesting materials - our shower curtain. This has been going on for over a week but we just figured it out. I think the funniest part is that Oreo finds his way back to the top of his 3 level cage which is very tall in comparison to a hamster, opens the lid with his nose and goes back to sleep once all his shinanagans is finished for the night. We wake up and put him back in the boys room each morning not knowing what he has been up to. So now we have the top hatch taped. Here are some pics of this naughty little guy.

A Nibbled Shower Curtain

The Product of the Nibbling

Here is the lower level of the cage. We have had to tape over the hole Oreo has gnawed away. There is almost more tape than plastic on the cage now.

Now the Critter himself. Oreo...the Naughty Hamster.