Taste and See Book Club

I am excited to announce the Taste And See Book Club!!

Last summer I hosted a small group of women in my home for a book club discussion on a wonderful book. I had many women after the fact say they would have loved to join in the discussion.

We finished our Esther Bible study and now we have a couple of months, until June 12th that is, when our Summer Bible Study will start. During the interim I thought it would be fun to host a book club.

We will meet in the campus room up at Southern Hills. The Book Club will start on May 5th, then we will meet every other week for a total of 3 times together. The dates are: May 5, May 19, June 2.

The Taste and See relates to two different aspects of the Book Club, first and foremost God tells us to taste and see that He is good, our book that is chosen will certainly have God in it. Whether it is a Christian living, an autobiographical book, God's masterpiece of His workmanship will be a big part of the book. Then secondly, taste and see all sorts of yummy treats that each person will contribute to the group. Appetizers, sweet or savery, desserts, salads....whateva! It could even be a bag of M&M's if you are not one for kitchen duty.

Time....I tried to pick a time that we women could get there, there will not be child care provided, so I thought after we feed our crews, then we can leave them with Dad or a babysitter and join up for 90 minutes of fun. So time...7:30pm.

Book club starts May 5th, 7:30 pm at Southern Hills Church of Christ.

Who is invited: All women.

What book? I am open to suggestions, the first three books that came to mind were Same Kind of Different As Me, The Shack, and Walking With God. The book club discussion was on the latter last summer and it was amazing, the discussion was rich and God was certainly present. Do you have a favorite? I want something that would appeal to young, old, married, single, something not too long as we don't want to burden anyone with heavy duty time issues to finish the book. What do you think?


Casey said…
I am thinking that you lived here so that I could join you all... enjoy your book club- sounds like it will be a blast! :)
Erica said…
I am so excited about this idea!! I cannot wait! All three of the books you mentioned are fabulous so I do not think we could go wrong. All three are also books I would love to read over and over. Thanks for your giving spirit.

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