April 29, 2009

My Returning Champ

Last Friday night was the Relay for Life Walk in Abilene. I forget each year how emotional it is to be a part of the energy at the field. So many people celebrating, so many people walking with tears in their eyes for their loved one's and friends who fought cancer, some to go on and fight other battles, some cancer would be the final battle.

This is the fourth year Jack has walked but the second year that Jack has walked as a full-fledged survivor. He walked up to the Survivor table to get his t-shirt and sash and told the volunteer, "I'm back, I'm a returning champ."


I walked the survivors lap thinking about the blessings of Jack's recovery, the blessings of the cancer itself. I thought about Brendon Coates whose battle on this earth ended with cancer, but he lives on in glory with our Sweet Jesus by his side. I thought about Landry who is in her first week of radiation at M.D. Anderson in Houston. I thought about all the children who we have met through the chemo sessions, Gracie, Alejandra, Austin and Destiny,.. here in Abilene. There is a world that opened up with Jack's cancer, a world I knew nothing about, nor did I really know existed. A world of daily living...living for the day you are in, a world of gratitude and thankfulness because your child woke another day, a world where the jumbled living becomes blatantly clear. The blessing of enlightenment of what REALLY matters...is one I continue to learn from and cherish. A world where things that were once so complicated and complex boil down to loving those around you with joy and jubilation, sharing a smile and holding a hand are the more precious gifts than anything on this earth. I am grateful to Jesus for the transformation of my faith, for His faithfulness when I wasn't feeling very faithful to Him.

To be able to hold my son's hand during the walk with my husband holding his other hand felt as close to heaven here on earth to me.


Melene said...


JoAnn said...

Precious...absolutely precious.
God is so good.

Shannon Robinson said...

Your comment about how Jack's diagnosis opened up a world you didn't know anything about really rings true. The words really hit home and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for walking the path. Jack looks great! I only hope that Landry and our family can walk next year.

Julie Adams said...

I feel like Jack has grown into such a little man from the first time I hung out with him on a walk ... what... three years ago?! My gosh... SO PROUD.