I saw a short little news topic on the illness of hoarding yesterday. Stuff everywhere. The mama came home to her house after it had been cleaned out and just burst into tears. She knew she needed help and when the very real consequence of having her home condemned was looming, she asked her daughters to help her. They did but she came home a little early, she had been staying somewhere else while the cleaning was being done. She sneakily saved her lunch money her daughter had given her and bought herself a bus ticket with her savings and beelined it straight home. Much sadness, grief and loss ensued when she saw her clean home.

I am the polar opposite of that woman. If I could I would give away or throw away anything that hasn't been used in a couple of months and feel a huge sense of relief. My kids know that their goods are at risk if left out for too long. I hear, "Mom, did you throw away my 'insert daily item' because I can't find it." I am often heard saying "stuff" makes me crazy. I could give you the psychological reason I am this way, my self diagnosis of "very little nostalgia for stuff" but it just boils down to doing alot of moving around when I was young, often times on the fly. Grab what you can and if it fits in your lap or one box then you can bring it, if not then leave it behind. Not loving stuff came from necessity when I was growing up and now I just like it that way. to deal with all the "stuff".


Debbie said…
Indeed we are kindred spirits...once again!
jerriann said…
Hi, a friend of yours (The Cleft of the Rock) gave me your photography blog address and from there I found my way here.

I love shooting pictures but I am an amateur. I would love to learn everything there is to know about photography. I was thinking about taking an on-line course through a blog called mamrazzi. What do you think. Would that be a good idea or should I find someone local.

You can get a good look at the pictures I have taken by looking at my blog. I love taking pics of the kids, horses, dogs and landscapes.

Your photography blog is so beautiful. I really enjoyed looking through it. Thank you.

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