Senior Sessions - A Couple Spots Left

Monday morning. Yesterday the Sunday night ladies bible class finished our study on the book of Esther. It was a wonderful study. Several women told me it was there favorite. I loved every minute of it. The kids are finishing their last bit of preparation for submissions for LTC (Leadership Training For Christ) which takes place in Dallas at the Anatole. It is a fun experience for them. They are entered in Bible Bowl, Photography and Teaching, and Sophie is also in a Drama. The photography and teaching are submitted and completed before the weekend.


Photography...been having fun with it. I loved these pics that I took of Robs family last week. Anytime I can bring personality into photographs I love the pics even more. I have a couple more spots open for Senior Portraits this year. This will be the first year that I include the design of a customized Graduation Announcement in the package. The announcements are so fun to look at and receive in the mail.


Finishing a book called Another Man's War this week by Sam Childers. I love true stories. One of the topics of study in Esther is the "Reversal of Destiny," when a person who is on one path, changes directions. That is the main theme of this book, how Sam through many experiences and a few special people turned his life around, went in a new direction following Christ. Sam lives part time in the States and rest of the time in Africa saving the orphaned and abandoned children, over 1000 so far. He listened to the Lord and has built an orphanage for these children in one of the most dangerous areas of Sudan. The inspiration I find in his story is throughout the book, but for me personally I love to read how much you can see the work of God in his people who step out into places they would never imagine themselves, just answering the call of God. The farther you step out on faith, the more clearly God can be seen and felt.


To work. Much to finish up on my computer this week. Last 3 wedding albums I have on my list to do, (until the next lot is turned in) and a wonderful senior sitting from this weekend. God's blessings.

As I am about to edit a senior is an old pic from sweet Hallie who is at Texas A&M this year.


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