Saw Landry today ; ) Easter thoughts.

We just arrived home from our trip to LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) in Dallas. It takes place at the Hilton Anatole. It was a fun couple of days. The kids had a blast, and it is always a blessing to have downtime with friends who I don't get to visit with on a regular basis. The kids participated in Bible Bowl, Photography and Teaching, then Sophie also was in Drama. 4000 people converge on the property to participate in the North Texas LTC.


On our way home Rob and I stopped to visit with Kory and Shannon Robinson, along with Campbell and Landry. It was a blessing to meet them in person and hang out with them for a while. Praying for them each day. This week Landry will probably have a permanent shunt put in to assist in the drainage of spinal/brain fluid that is not absorbing into her system naturally. I hope that procedure gives instant relief to Landry. In the next couple of days Kory and Shannon will be visiting with doctors at M.D. Anderson to investigate the options there, then I would imagine they will make their decision as to where Landry will receive her radiation treatments. Please pray for Shannon and Kory to have peace with their final decision.


Tomorrow is Easter. I don't know if I have ever looked forward to worshipping on Easter Sunday more than this year. I look forward to rejoicing for the most precious gift given to the earth, and remember the day where the stone was rolled away.

Some of my favorite happenings in scripture are of the women who rose early to cover Jesus' body in spices, the stone was rolled away and He was no where to be found. In the Gospel of John is says Mary Magdalene ran back to tell the disciples, two disciples took off running to the tomb, John ran faster than Peter, but didn't go into the tomb until Peter arrived and entered first. I often think about what was running through John's mind when he reached the tomb but chose not to enter. Was he afraid of what he would find, his Christ's body gone? But Peter, so brave and bold went right in. He had denied Christ 3 times just as Christ predicted, nothing would ever keep Peter from Christ again. After everyone was gone, sweet Mary M. just stood crying for her Lord, the one who had saved her. And then it was to her that Christ revealed that He had risen...

I see myself in all three of these characters, in John sometimes afraid of what I might see if I really open my eyes, in Peter... I have denied Christ more than three times, and nothing will keep me from Him again for after I had known Christ, then denied Him and entered the depths of darkness that I never thought possible, I would rather die than deny Him again. And Mary, her Lord that healed her of her demons, He gave her hope when she had none, He gave her life, she is the one whom I most find myself like, she could not even bear to leave His tomb, where would she go next? And then He rescued her from her grief.

Thanks be to God. I serve the Risen King.


Journeying said…
Thank you for sharing your Easter thoughts. You have helped me think of some things I would not have thought of on my own. I tend to get too caught up in reading to see just what happened and forget to ask some of the questions.

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