Getaway Suggestions???!!!

Rob and I are planning a quick getaway in May. I had Fredericksburg in mind. Apparently Fredericksburg in May is the place to be. There is one hotel with that weekend open and apparently the walls are so thin that you can hear your neighbors entire conversation...not really loving the idea of that, thank you very much.

All the B&B's are booked.

We are open to going anywhere, but want to keep it within a 5 hour drive at the very most. Any suggestions??


Erica said…
I have had several friends go to Gruene, TX and loved it! Maybe you could check it out.
Brandi said…
Yes, Gruene, TX is fabulous! Very old town just in the edge of New Braunsfel. (Lots of places for some great pics!) Where George Strait got his start and John Travolta was "Michael".

Anonymous said…
Joe and I are going on a get away for my birthday and in honor of his return in May. I chose Dallas/Fort Worth because there are things I want to do there before we move this summer. #1 is eat at Pappasito's ( yes I do plan trips around food!) and #2 is go to a Rangers game. I also hope to shop and go to Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens. We're going as a family to College Station over Memorial Day weekend.
Donna Ware said…
Salado. Phil and I go every year. We stay at a wonderful Bed and Breakfast that is on the creek. It is called "Inn on the Creek." It is where Jenna Bush had her bridesmaid luncheon. Austin is close enough to run and do the big city thing or you can stay in Salado and shop the quaint shops. Beautiful little town. I look forward to it every summer
ChristyCate said…
I'm so with Donna. A group of my law school friends invited me along last May as we rented an entire B&B in Salado to celebrate the end of the semester. The Yellow House B&B is fabulous! I love the small-town, quaint shops. It's fun to stroll the river and you have to eat at the Stagecoach Inn. Check it all out online.
mad4books said…
I just spent a weekend with seven girlfriends on my very first trip to Canton. It was a BLAST!

The food and laughs and hot tub and wine and fellowship probably had a lot to do with it, but it was tons of fun. (I dreaded going, to be quite honest, because I'm so NOT a shopper like the other ladies on the trip. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised!)

You pay $5 to park and then you just browse and eat "fair food" (I enjoyed corn on the cob AND sausage-on-a-stick AND my friend saved me one bite of her funnel cake!) and you come home with some fabulous finds. We had a White Elephant Gift Exchange Saturday night that was a hoot.

Oh, and the photography booth! If you're into old photos, there was a vendor in the (mercifully air-conditioned) antique mall at the edge of the flea market (over a foot bridge, past the GOOD bathrooms, and some outdoor vendors) who had bins and bins of old photographs. (I collect old pictures of women reading, and I hit pay dirt after completely striking out in San Angelo in March.)

So if you're into t-shirts and shorts and inexpensive fair food and flea market fun, Canton is one idea. Next trade weekend is May 28-31!

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