April 26, 2009

WATS Day 2009

WATS Day - We Are The Sermon Day. Each year our church takes on a task so large that only God can make it happen. Houses are painted, yards mowed, tree's trimmed, trash halled. The numbers are staggering on how much will have gotten done today. It is one of those days that God allows us to participate with Him in a big way for the service of His people. Our group helped a nice woman with the outside of her home. Here are some pics to tell the story.

Here is a pic of my grandfather. Some people worked on World Bible School and Shut In Projects at our church for WATS Day.

My Hubby painting the front of the house.

Jack doing a great job of painting the side of the house.

My daughter Sophie and her best buddy Audrey were painting the porch.

Jack again, in one of his favorite caps that was signed by all the Abilene Police for him.

Love this pic of Kenny in the bed of Jim's truck. He had tree limb's surrounding him.

Jack and his paint covered hands.

Derek and Kenny

Denise and Christy were raking up leaves.

Big smile from Jim our fearless project manager who did a great job once again. Jim's main job that he took on today was to put up a chain link fence.

Abbie painting the side of the house.

The cool shirts that we could buy to show the theme message for the day. The song God of This City by the Blue Tree's was the inspiration. Great story behind that song.

The homeowner LOVED frogs. They were speckled all around her yard. I too love frogs so I had to take a couple of pics.

The amazing Soprano Haley B. who is a recent auntie for the first time. She was hanging on to Denise's truck while Denise was driving. This image along with the next couple were taken at the recycling center where all the "stuff" goes.

Derek helping unload all the tree limbs.

Denise has great expressions, I always love to take pics of her. Here she is hollering outside her window telling all the tree limb removers to be careful not to scratch Jim's truck ; )

Little Landry Robinson who we are praying for was even represented by her specially designed T-shirt being worn by a Landry fan here.

Christy and the homeowner swinging together. The homeowner loved being outside with all of us. She was precious.

Jack with his goggles on. He has no color in this pic because he had cut his finger pretty good a bit earlier and never really got over the queasy feeling.

Look at the bike Sophie is standing next to.

Now my favorite pics. By the end Denise and I were getting a bit delirious. Here Denise is pondering her next task.


Becky K said...

Looks like a lot of fun and wonderful giving and serving in the name of The Lord.

not-so-deep Denise said...

Funny, funny. I told Tammy that those last pictures would only be funny to us.....

FYI: For those of you that don't know - Tammy don't rake so good but she can sure hang a picture!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad that I missed WATS Day. (I'd hoped to be able to be there for it. But I didn't have the money to make the trip.) I did think about y'all and our previous years' families and projects, though. So I was with you in spirit at least!


mad4books said...

Every single time I visit your blog, I leave with a new book title or a great idea or a smile or some uplifting thought. Thanks for that.

Oh, and my sister Karen (who used to be your neighbor) and her girls are usually peeking over a shoulder, agreeing that Team Marcelain is awesome.

P.S. Isn't Christy the coolest?