Friday Morning

Is it Friday? I've lost track as I'm sure many of us have. Donnie Carroll just called me and had spoken with Elaine. Jack has had a hard night. His poor little tongue is still swollen and causing all kinds of trouble with him not able to keep down medicine or food. They have said that because the tongue is a muscle it will take several days for the swelling to go down! :-( Because trying to get any response out of him causes him to be so agitated, they are going to try to just leave him alone to get some rest today.

They have not heard from Dr. Price, but different doctor(s?) came by this morning and were very encouraged by the MRI from yesterday.

Pray that he does get rest and that it is 'mending rest' that mends his little body. Continue to pray for Rob, Tammy, and Elaine as they keep Jack at peace while at his bedside.


Anonymous said…
Well, bless his heart. . .and his tongue. Our prayer today is that he can rest and recover.

Anonymous said…
We want to thank all of you for your prayers and love. It has been a very humbling, amazing thing to witness how you all have responded to us. We want you to know that your love and prayers have been felt and has carried us through.

I am several days behind in my reading of 40 Days, but the part that I am reading is about community and it's amazing to read about what God's ideal of church family is supposed to be, all the while we are experiencing it first hand. You all have been the sermon, and we have heard you loud and clear and love you for it.

Anonymous said…
I am sorry to hear that his tongue is not getting better yet! I can imagine that is very frustrating for all of you. My prayer is that Jack will get some healing rest and sleep today. You guys are such a great testament to all of us. Stay strong even when it seems you can't. In Exodus 18:12 Aaron and Hur held Moses' hands up when he grew weary. Know that we are all holding you guys up in prayer as the days are long. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Love ya,

Pat White said…
Love you guys.
Prayers for healing today.
I'll miss ROB and TOM at the project this weekend. Rest assured that there will be prayers continuing all day.

Back to work
Pat White
Anonymous said…
My heart cries for you all. We'll keep praying that the swelling goes down quickly. Love to you all.
Avis & Don Waldrop
Anonymous said…
Rob and Tammy,
Thank you so much for keeping us updated on Jack's healing process. It helps to have specific needs to pray for and makes all of us who cannot be there with you feel feel like we are serving a purpose.

We do not want one single need to go unmet whether it be a physical need, emotional need, financial need or prayer need. So, continue to lean on all your brothers and sisters during this time of need.

The Smyser family
Craig, Shellie, Brittany & Ashley
Anonymous said…
We at the Llano Church are praying continually for Jack.
I, personally, had brain surgery this past December. The many prayers for me worked and I know that they will be answered by God for Jack. The remaining unremoved cancer in my brain were treated by radiation that, as I was told, caused the cancer's DNA to change and then it destroyed itself by eating itself (self destructs). God does listen and responds to our prayers.
Chuck Matlack, Kim Matlack's Dad.
Anonymous said…
Tammy says again,
Well they have added some more meds to Jack's menu. Some to sooth his tummy, some more to help him with the pain...He just had an xray to see where the feeding tube is in his stomach, they will move it around to bypass his stomach and go straight down the next area, maybe he can get some nutrition that way. He will have another xray after they move the tube, to check it has gone to the correct spot.
A nurse, or attending, or fellow, or practitioner... told me the other day that although the text book recovery is about 3-4 days till they feel better, she has never seen it work that way. She said the kids either bounce back right away, or it takes about 7-10 days. I think we are on the slow route. Although the route is slow, the docs are not worried about his progress. We are looking forward to seeing DJ and Sophie and some more family today.
Thank you for your prayers and keep lifting my sweet Jack up to our Father in heaven. I know that each time he hears a prayer for Jack he shoots more power his way. Thanks again.
Love to you all.
Anonymous said…
Hi Tammy and Rob,

I'm so sorry about Jack's tongue. It is frustrating how sometimes a surgery is not so bad but the "little" things that go with it are. I will keep praying that his tongue gets better very fast so life will seem better to him. Elijah was in the hospital a lot when he was little because of his asthma and he was the best patient and did everything the doctors and nurses wanted without complaint, but when the machines would keep on beeping or the iv port hurt or his hands shook so much from the meds that he couldn't play a game he could come unglued. One time in the night, just as we would dose off to sleep again a machine just wouldn't stop going off beeping, beeping, beeping. Elijah rose up on his elbows, glared at the machine, and said, "If I had my Super Soaker, I'd BLAST that thing." I wanted to go buy him one right then!

Tammy, your note last night was so touching. I was reading along outloud to Kris and the boys, but I had to stop when I got to the singing part because I was in tears. Thank you for sharing that special sweet story with all of us. I know God is even now using your most difficult time to teach others as they see Jesus in you, Jack, and your whole family. May God contine to bless and keep you.
Kris, Sarah, Elijah & Joseph
Anonymous said…
We are continuing to pray for each of you as God heals Jack and watches over all of you!
I grow more aware of God's love for His children because of the devotion of parents like you.
I spent ONE-NIGHT as "Mom" to Kauy and Makaley...WOW! I called just to thank my mom for the time she must have spent at McDonalds' playground.. and it was at McDonalds where I saw DJ and Sophie who miss you all but are being taking care of VERY well.
Aunt Tamara- You DEFINITELY deserve praise and will be lifted up in prayer for keeping things going here in Abilene!
I know God will bring Jack back to Abilene to enjoy a happy meal and play with his friends very soon!
May each of you find rest in the Lord as He brings peace to you and all parents who live out Jesus' love EVERYDAY!
Jennifer Ross
Anonymous said…
We are praying and excited about the MRI news!! I know God is surrounding you with what you need. He is such an awesome God. Ephesians 3:21 Everybody downtown says hi. The Paramount people especially send their prayers. We miss you and look forward to your return. Love you, D
Anonymous said…
The hot lines to heaven are ablaze with prayers for all of you. We look forward to the news that you are on your way home with a healthy little boy and smiles on your faces. Our love, Bill & Glenda
Anonymous said…
Dear Marcelains,
I am so relieved that Jack is doing better and his prognosis is so great. Isn't God faithful!! Our God is an awesome God and He loves His children with a jealous heart. I know God has been at work in all of this and will continue to bring Jack to complete recovery and healing. My prayers are for all of you--for peace, comfort,and strength.
Much love,
Jeanne Killough
Grants, New Mexico

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