November 22, 2008

Bravery - A transformation just waiting to happen.

Jack Bauer is Back for one night. Two hour special called Redemption on Sunday night. Who else is excited about this?


I am listening to the new Esther Bible study in my car as you know if you have read my blog in the last week. If you are a living, breathing woman this bible study will bless you so much. If you are one of my sisters at Southern Hills please sign up to do this study in January when we will be offering it. There is no way I could explain how good it is, but let's just say that Beth is knocking it out of the ballpark. Please join us. If you are in Abilene, you can join us too just leave a comment and I will put you on mailing list for when sign up starts. If you are not in Abilene, lead it, or find a group and join it, or do it on your own if you have to. Don't just listen to it, buy the workbook and work through it that will be where the growth and transformation really happens. All of Beth's studies are geared towards women. Although men everywhere are doing her studies on their own or with their wives because she is certainly one of the most anointed bible study leaders out there today. The nature of this study is certainly for women.

I am writing this through tears just thinking about her words last night. She addressed our calling to be brave. Do we have a conditional love for God? Do we trust God that He will never allow our greatest fears to happen, or do we trust Him to be faithful to us if they do? There is no other commandment in the bible stated more than "do not be afraid" but many of us live our lives afraid. Afraid our kids will get cancer, afraid our husbands will leave, afraid that our outward appearance is diminishing each day....the list goes on. She lists many more than those,... This is a life changing lesson. I used to live my life in fear, I was skiddish and fearful of most everything, God has delivered me from that in many ways, but my journey continues and I anticipate each step of continued and further deliverance and this study will certainly be a tool God uses to help me along in that journey.

Can you imagine a life where you are bold and brave and are ready for whatever comes your way? With the living power of Christ in you, this is a place where we can be delivered to. What a powerful testimony to Christ as his army of mom's, sister's, friends, followers will walk taller and more confidant of their place in Jesus. Praising God for His mighty transforming power.


SaraMelene said...

I am excited about Jack's return AND our church starting the Esther study in January, too.

Is it ok I'm excited about both of those things??

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Tom & I are glad Jack is coming back, too!
Thanks for the Harry Potter clip (also something fun to look forward to).
The Esther study sounds good, but then Beth has never disappointed our Tues. a.m. group before. We did the Daniel study earlier this year, and it was powerful, especially the part about modern day Babylon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sharon Winkler

M'chelle said...

SO EXCITED about the 24 return tonight!!! Sorry I didn't get your wish to borrow the twilight books until this afternoon. Let me know when is good for you to meet up, so I can pass along the fun....