November 10, 2008

A Fun New Blog, Pics and Red Eye Gravy

Monday morning. My to do list is whittling down, that is a good feeling. I have tried to set limits for myself with work, but can't seem to get everything done. So these last couple of days I just decided it is time to live in front of the computer when I am home and awake taking breaks for meals, but that is about it, just enough to get caught up. One more day of face to computer time and I think I will about there. One thing I did do this week for me was to design my families Christmas card it looks precious I can't wait to send it out.

I have found a great blog called Blissfully Domestic.
My cousin's wife Karise who writes at Book of Common Grace gave me a heads up on this blog. There are 300 contributors, they cover a wide range of topics, great recipes, great household idea's, photography tips..., I have it on my RSS feeder (I use bloglines) and there is normally about 10 posts a day to the site. Sounds like a lot, but I just scroll through and see what looks interesting to me. One of my favorite posts last week was how to make a mini mud room in your house out of a coat closet. As I live in West Texas, a mud room is not high on my necessity list, but I loved the idea. Enjoy.

Here are some pics of my kids and Rob that I took out at the flags during the same sitting I took pics of my Gran, which are the post previous to this.

Bible study is going well, we have 2 more classes left in this series of The Power of a Praying Woman. All the ladies have been so blessed by this study. 2 more left then we will take a break until January when we start the study of Queen Esther by Beth Moore. I think that study will be released in just a short 5 days.
Red Eye Gravy. Who makes this any more? My most favorite meal as a child at my grandmother's house was her homemade biscuits and red eye gravy. She would use left over bacon grease or ham drippings mix it with a cup of REALLY strong black coffee, sugar and seasonings, let it cook down and voila, a sauce that was invented out on the trail when they didn't let anything go to waste. I loved my Nana's red eye gravy. I was wondering if any of y'all have ever had it, if so what your recipe is for it?

Have a blessed day.


Becky K said...

Here is a link for the gravy.

ChristyCate said...

Absolutely grew up on red-eye gravy and country ham and biscuits. Didn't know you could have country ham without the red-eye gravy!? Appalling!

Lauren Edwards said...

Please tell Miss Sophie that she is growing up to be beautiful young lady! If she continues to be as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside, she will certainly leave her mark on the world.