November 06, 2008

A Cool Pic, and Jesus for President

One of my friends that I know through the photography business is Kenny Kim. He is a friend to everyone, a photographer's photographer. He is on the road all the time working for himself by shooting weddings or working for other photographer's recording events that they are a part of. His home base is Chicago. He had heard through the grapevine that now President Elect Obama would stop by his barber shop in Hyde Park on election night, so Kenny went and recorded the events at the barber shop. Obama didn't show up, but the energy was electric as you can tell in Kenny's picture. If you click over to Kenny's site you will see this pic larger and it looks much better. I saw this on his blog and it has stuck with me, I have thought of it often. I don't know if it is the community gathering at the barber shop that I find Mayberryesque, or if it is just the expressions on the faces. Kenny did a great job capturing history in the making.


I just read Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne. Great book. Shane also wrote Jesus For President, which I started to read last night. I love the look of this book, the art work is cool.
Here is a paragraph from the book before chapter one.

This book is a project in renewing the imagination of the church in the United States and of those who would seek to know Jesus. We are seeing more and more that the church has fallen in love with the state and that this love affair is killing the church's imagination. the powerful benefits and temptations of running the world's largest superpower have bent the church's identity. Having power at its fingertips, the church often finds "guiding the course of history" a more alluring goal than following the crucified Christ. Too often the patriotic values of pride and strength triumph over the spiritual virtues of humility, gentleness, and sacrificial love.

I don't expect that this book will give me warm and fuzzy feelings, but I loved to be challenged by the books I read. I think that the Way, The Jesus Way, has always been a grass root's operation, in scripture Jesus led a group of radicals that said the last shall be first, the least - greatest, let the dead bury the dead and follow me, a group of men led by the ultimate foot washer of all, a Man who had no ego, no need to prove Himself when insulted or to test God in the desert. He was and is the Way, the Truth and the Light. Sharing Jesus starts with the foot washers.
Jesus was The Extraordinary Radical.

Vann at Conexus has been putting some way cool video's on his site this week. I did some nosing around on you-tube from the Northpoint Church where his video's came from. Meet Meghan.