November 22, 2008

Harry Potter



Megster said...

I have to say when I saw that this was out a couple of weekends ago, I think I watched it about 5 times, I so cannot wait!

not-so-deep Denise said...

Too bad it didn't come out TODAY!

Teeny said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!! I cannot wait!!!! I have only discovered that I like these movies/ books in the last few months. I saw the first movie less than 6 months ago and have now watched all of them and I just finished reading the 4th book. Starting the fifth this week while camping!!!! I am high on Harry Potter after just seeing that! YES! Its like crack to me!

Anonymous said...

COOOOOL! I don't want to wait too long for this to come out in theaters! Thanks for the clip; my Mom showed it to me.

Thomas Winkler
(Sharon's 12 yr-old son)