November 03, 2008


Monday morning. Kids just headed to school on the bus. The silence....dreamy. Halloween was a lot of fun this year. I posted pics of the parties/trunk or treat we went to on Thursday, Friday was not a typical halloween for us. Jack and Sophie went to a halloween party at one of their friends houses, they bobbed for apples and played all sorts of games. They trick or treated during the party time and apparently very few people were home. Here in West Texas Football is king, little k of course (for most people anyway). 2 football games in town on a Friday night = very few people home to hand out candy. Derek went to his grandma's house and they had a nice evening together. This all meant that Rob and I got a date night, the first one in a couple of months. We headed straight to the movie theatre and saw Fireproof. The theatre was packed, I guess if you are not at a football game and you don't want to answer your door all night to trick or treaters you head to the local movie house.

Fireproof was a great movie. I never head out to the movies to see something without reading a couple of reviews beforehand. I like to know what to expect. The same church that produced Facing the Giants made Fireproof, so I knew that there was going to be regular people doing the acting, no Meryl Streeps or Sir Anthony Hopkins. I was pleasantly surprised, the acting was better than in Giants I thought (I totally loved Facing the Giants by the way). The movie was great. I love that some serious hot buttons were focused on, areas of sin that are taking down believers like flies. Truth was spoken all through out this movie, truth about selfishness, priorities, p*rn*graphy, adultery. I would see this movie again. There were several parts that added humor to the movie to allow a couple of laughs here and there. Kirk Cameron played the lead role in this movie and he played it well, his character was clean cut looking on the outside but giving into evil pleasures on the inside. I definitely give this movie a thumbs up. Several weeks ago I was considering taking my kids with Rob and I to see this movie, changed my mind, and am SO glad I did. Even though it was PG it really had a mature theme running through it with the temptations that computers can bring.

There is a scene where Kirk Cameron and his movie wife kiss. Someone told me this weekend that several years ago Kirk told his real wife that he would never kiss another woman in a movie again. So his real wife stood in for that scene. Good for Kirk. That story reminded me of when Rob and I were dating and he was in a play up at ACU and in the play part of his role was to kiss another woman in the play. I had decided I would just close my eyes for that part and not watch it because it is kind of hard to watch your "guy" kiss another girl. Before I could get my eyes closed I looked around and about 20 people had their eyes on me to see my reaction and it made me just bust out laughing. Since then he has played a couple roles here and there and I am glad that he has never been in a position that he would be asked to kiss another woman. 14 years later I am not so sure I would be as easy going about that...those lips are mine.


Linda said...

I heard Kirk Cameron in his Today Show interview say that about his and his wife's committment to never kiss anyone else in their acting. Great example in the Hollywood circles, isn't he? Haven't seen the movie yet but my son and his wife did and they said it was great.

Mandy Hank said...

Ohh I've heard such great things about this movie, I'm really looking forward to going with my husband. :)

Susan said...

I agree with you. Great movie!!

stephanie said...

i haven't seen this movie - may rent it when it comes out on dvd... but, I'm intrigued. being married to a fireman, the premise is one I'm sure I could relate to. Interesting trivia: The profession with the most divorces? Firefighters. Also high are other jobs with similar high stress, like law enforcement and medical professions.

Takes a good measure of fireproofing, and we're going on 17 years :)