November 24, 2008

Jack and his delicious lunch.

Jack and I are the only ones home right now. I am back on my work computer...computing. I heard some plate clanging several times and wondered what he was doing. I walked out to the kitchen and asked him what he was up to. He said, "I am making myself a sandwich." To which I replied, "for dinner?" and he said, "no, I was making it for my lunch tomorrow, because that food in the cafeteria doesn't taste good to me." And then he said, "and my peanut butter and jelly sandwich looked so delicious I had to just take a bite of it before I put it in the baggie." There was his peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a big bite out of the side ; ) I noticed the other component to his lunch was white chocolate chips in a baggie, I guess that was his side dish.
I grabbed this pic with my phone.


Becky K said...

I love pb and j sandwiches too. Christopher would eat them every day if he could for lunch. Sometimes that sandwich is just so tempting. He is so precious.

Amber Joy said...

Yummmm! Chocolate and PB&J. Could life get better?
Amber and Caryn (laughing!)

Donna Ware said...

Megan and I cracked up at the sandwich with a bite out of it. How many times have I made a cake or something yummy and wanted to take a big bite our of it. It brought me joy to know that Jack fulfills my fantasy of having that first bite of something yummy