November 24, 2008

Here and There.

Monday almost lunch time. I am posting late today because I had some special friends that are in town for this week over for breakfast. My friend Amber and her new husband Kent. We had a great time visiting and then I was glad to show them my studio downtown. This week will be a bit off kilter with the holidays, kids are out early today and tomorrow. So my posts will probably be hit and miss. I am going to work hard today and tomorrow and get my work done for this week on the computer then take the rest of the week off with the kids for the holidays.
I also am wanting to get some reading done this week. I started reading 5 Conversations You Should Have With Your Daughter by Vicki Courtney. I also want to start the Twilight series.
I googled "Texas Ghost Towns" and came up with many to choose from that are in my area to photograph. My plan is to have some fine art work to show and sell during my "featured" month in February up at my gallery. I am excited about this project, but it is a bit cold out right now so I am hoping to be motivated to bundle up, grab my camera, and head out. I think the cold weather will add to the mood, bare tree's and maybe some wind movement in the image.
Who watched 24 last night? A rough subject to watch, but probably helpful for us to see what other parts of the world are dealing with. Jack Bauer was great, and the new season looks intense.

May your week be filled with a grateful heart. God be praised. Shine on.


Becky K said...

We missed 24 and were quite sad about it. Instead we were watching Wall E with the kids. So we had fun. It was a cute movie. I am going to have to go rent it now. Better without commercials anyway I guess.