November 21, 2008


Friday morning. I am almost done reading my book called Annie Leibovitz at Work. It has been a great book. One thing I am taking away from this book is to shoot more documentary images. Real life playing out. I do that to a certain degree with my kids, but those pictures I took of my grandfather a couple of weeks ago have lit a fire there. I am excited about a personal project I have coming up. Nothing major, but for me it will help me remember some of the fondest memories of my childhood. I will post more about this when I have some images to show.

I was looking at some pictures taken at an old Ghost Town in Southern Cal. I remember when I lived in Arizona we had a Ghost Town that people would visit, called Tombstone. In all my years I have lived in West Texas I haven't heard of any Ghost Towns around. What are some fun quirky places within a couple hours radius that you have knowledge of? My friend Jana and I have taken pictures in several little town squares around here, I have yet to make it out to Albany, I think that is next on my list. But what else is out there that would be a great subject for some pictures?


I am excited for my kids to be out of school next week. Rob was excited to tell me that McKay's will be closed the day after Thanksgiving. So he has 2 days off. Looks like it is going to be a grand week indeed.

Here is a pic I took out at Jacob's Dream on the campus of ACU a couple of days ago. The sun was almost down. I shot this on 100 iso because I really wanted more of a silhouette, but when I was looking at it in Lightroom I pulled out some of the shadowed areas and I loved the detail in the plants in front.

Shine on.


Julie Adams said...

My Dad once wrote a blog about a ghost town in West Texas called Girvin near Bakersfield. He thought it was really neat. It even has an old saloon.

By the way your whole account of cooking a turkey... ummm I didn't know you had to take its neck out... I am never ever making a turkey!!!

Allison Connor said...

Tammy, I LOVE this pic! It is amazing. Good work! Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

Becky K said...

You should look through that book that we gave Rob for Fathers Day Weird Texas. It will have places in there.

soul and culture said...

Speaking of Annie Leibovitz - I downloaded a documentary on her from iTunes before my recent trip. Watched part of it on the plane (kind of fell asleep, but not because it was boring) and then forgot to finish watching it before it expired, so I'll have to get it again.