November 01, 2008

Poladroid..tres chic.

November 1st. Beginning of a new month. This year is going by so quickly.
I found a cool website called Poladroid. Downloaded Poladroid this morning, you can drop your images into this cool little polaroid camera that shows up on your desktop, it makes the polaroid sound and your pic pushes out the front of the camera, you shake it around with your mouse and it develops just like an old polaroid pic. The pic slowly appears. This is a mac only program, so that is a bummer for some, the biggest bummer for me, is that the instructions are in french only. I muddled through made a cool pic, tried to save it somewhere and couldn't figure it out. So I will try it again later. The pics have that polaroid look, colors are a bit off, they are very fun and cool, a bit funky. The image is 400 dpi, so it is of print quality. If only my 5 years of French in high school and college covered computer terms.....

Je ne parlez francais computer-ay.


Dominik said...

Hi Tammy,
are you sure to download the UK version ?

Dominik (aka Paul Ladroid)