November 11, 2008

Hurting Today

I belong to a great group of friends. We laugh, we cry, we quote movies, but most importantly we live life together. We are there for the ups and downs, one of our own is hurting today and I know that means we are all hurting. My good friend Judy Allen and her husband headed to Houston on a plane last night when they found out their son Ben was having chest pains and was being ambulanced to the hospital. Before their plane landed Ben had passed on to be with the Lord. Ben was in his 20's. He was an awesome student in school, very easy going personality, a friend to all. He was currently attending Optometry School in Houston where he was learning to be an eye doctor. This is such a shock.
I was laying in my bed last night thinking about the last time I saw Ben. One good thing that came from the hurricane down south last month was that Ben got to come home for several days while they were waiting on electricity and such. Please pray for my friend Judy and her husband Tom and her other children Lori and Cade along with the rest of their families.

God's word reminds us that Ben is complete and whole and in the presence of God, and that is a comforting feeling, but there is a mama and a papa and others family members who weren't even close to thinking they would have to say goodbye and they need God's presence to walk them through and the prayers of their brothers and sisters.

I struggled with writing about this on my blog as it is not necessarily my story to tell. But I really want prayers for my friends.


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Of course, Tom and I will be praying for Ben's family and friends!

I've also "linked" this to our Come to Jesus and Pray post today, so others will be praying as well.


Debbie said...

Unimaginable. I am so grieved for them! I'll be praying without end for them.

Jennifer Kahla said...

Oh wow, my heart hurts for them. Thank you for sharing so we can join in prayer for an awesome family.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know what happened to Ben. We've been praying for the Allen's and their extended family all day long. I know many hard days are ahead so the prayers will continue to be lifted up on their behalf. What a blessing you are being to this family. Love you!


Prayers for Bens' family....and a hug for you!