November 14, 2008

The Ministry of Guacamole and Sweet Amber

Friday morning. Tonight 5-7 is the visitation for the Allen family at the Hamil Family Funeral Home on Buffalo Gap Rd. Last night my kids and I went over to the Allen's to hang out. Yesterday on my blog I wrote about the Ministry of Presence, well last night I will tell you what, I saw alot of ministry happening. Ministry of dropping off a delicious beef tenderloin, the ministry of guacamole, the ministry of Vleta's candies. It has been such a blessing to just see all the people bring themselves and their hugs and condolences along with sustenance of a large variety. Along with their hugs and tears they bring their stories of Ben and inevitably smiles. If you don't know what to do to help someone who is hurting, just show up at their door with the makings of guacamole and yummy chips, hugs, smiles and start the guacamole making, things will go well from there.

I started editing my DRI pictures this morning. I will work on those and get some posted by the middle of next week. It was such a fun day for me there, a piece of my heart is with my new friends who live in Amber House. Amber house was named for a young lady who went to our church. Her plans were to take up residence in the house that was her namesake but she went on to be with the Lord before that could happen. Here is a sweet picture of Amber that is on the entry room wall. Amber and I became friends when I worked as a church secretary. Amber would come and sit down in the chair next to my desk and we would just visit. She thought the word supercalifragilistic expialadocious was always funny so I said it alot, we always had fun.